Chapter seventy one



For the next few hours, I was anxious. I called mom from time to time but there was no positive update, how could my father and Phoebe just disappear without a trace.

Mom spoke that Phoebe had gone for her dancing classes but had sneaked away from the men that were supposed to protect her. This wasn't the first time she had done that, only this time, she never returned home. As for dad, his assistant said that he had insisted on leaving alone after receiving an urgent call. 

I couldn't help the worry that gnawed my insides, we weren't close but they were still family after all. I only prayed that they were alright where they are.

I thought about telling Lucian but quickly decided against it. What if it wasn't anything serious? My mother had always worried about the slightest things. Who knew, Phoebe might be having a hangover after partying hard, she might be at one of her friends' places. Then what ab

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Dwan Groves
This book is freaking delicious I begging for about 10 chapters at a time to fill my boring life
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Melissa Wilson
OMG would he really shoot Loretta???
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Lyz F. Maduro
ahhhhhh!!! noooo! 1 more 1 more! please please, 1 more!

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