Chapter seventy two




"Please wait here! don't go anywhere." Devin told me. 

"But..." I started, but he was already gone, I watched anxiously as he blended with the slight crowd. 

What was that sound all about? Why was Derek here? Was Loretta alright?

I was too nervous to standby and wait any longer, I hurried after him, and at the same time, I could hear the sound of sirens. 

I finally found Devin, he said the first thing I noticed was the bloodstain on his hand which spiked my anxiety, I looked behind him but there was no sign of Loretta, nor Fred. 

"What happened? Where are they?" I barely finished talking when my eyes fell on the paramedics walking out with a stretcher, I couldn't tear my eyes away, not even a blink. The person lying unconscious was Fred. Was he dead? 

god no!

Without a word, Devin grabbed my arm, hurrying us out of the mall and more security that wer
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Maria L Garcia
To exciting need to get some sleep it's 1:25 am
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awww.. get well soon! huggz
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Thuli Fortune
Wish you a speedy recovery ... ...️

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