Chapter seventy three




"You have to take me with you." I said, his reaction was immediate.

"No, you are staying here" He asserted, frowning. 

I had only an hour to reach the location Derek had given to me. I was to come alone or he promised to kill everyone I cared about.

Derek seemed to have lost it, I was scared for Lucian's safety and my family's as well.  I wanted to meet Derek, maybe I could make him change his mind, things don't have to end tragically between us. 

"If he doesn't see me, he's going to kill them! We can't risk it, Lucian!" I urged as he yelled something to Devin about preparing the car. I started to speak again when he grabbed my arm, tilting my chin to meet his gaze. 

"I'm not about to use you and our baby as bait!" He glares at me. "You are going to sit your pretty ass down here while I go get the job done! I will be back in an hour and I promise you that nothi
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Melissa Wilson
OMG she is sooo stupid!!!
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Patrice Johnson
OMGGGG how many freaking times this chic elevator is going up its going down omg your thinking of yourself only not your baby
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Lyz F. Maduro
hope ur feeling better!

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