Chapter seventy four




I could only seat helplessly as Devin drove us farther away from Lucian. 

He started to answer a call and I turned away in frustration. Tension was building its root inside of me until I felt like I would burst from it all. 

I inhaled deeply closing my eyes, there was no option left but to believe Lucian and wait for him to return unharmed. 

"What the..." The startling sound left my mouth when the car suddenly screeched to a halt. 

My head spun to meet Devin's grave expression and knew instantly that something was wrong, I was almost terrified to ask. 

"What happened? What's going on?" 

Devin stared at me, his expression filled with urgency and uncertainty.  

"One of our men reported to have spotted Vladimir, why would he arrive in New York all of a sudden?"

Vladimir Petrov? Why would Lucian's rival be here, dad and Vladimir were part
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Debbie Adams
Awesome read!! More chapter’s
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Valerie Crabtree
morreeee!!! I stayed up till 530 reading this book!!! sooo good!!!
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Shaquiasia Perry
Moreeeeee I’m hanging on the edge pleaseeee

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