Chapter 2


“He’s in this room, I’ll be waiting for you here if you need anything” I heard dad’s voice through the door making me frown in confusion.

I watched as the blonde girl walked inside the office, not bothering to knock the door making me raise an eyebrow and get up from my couch which I was sitting on. I have been sitting in my office as not to be disturbed, quietly pouring a drink in my glass. But it seems that even that is impossible in this house.

Rolling my eyes at the girl who wouldn’t be able to save her life for a billion with her lack of focus. She couldn’t even see me sitting in the office, and I was literally sitting on the couch.

“What would a kid be doing in here?” The girl asked speaking to herself. I raised an eyebrow at her as I took out my gun and pointed it at her. Knowing that she would need to turn around to leave the office. Might as well scare her off while I’m at it.

“Need I ask what you’re doing here? Or do I need to shoot you and just get it over with?” I asked glaring at the woman who froze in front of me. She looked at the gun which was pointed to her chest, then at me “great, another dumb blonde”

She shook her head before she looked me in the eye. Either trying to voice out words or trying to act tough. Well, I would give her credit, she was doing a good job at staying calm. She was yet to even scream or flinch of the gun.

“Sorry, I was looking for a kid. His father hired me to babysit him, or in his words ‘keep him out of trouble” she said calmly, her green eyes met my silver-blue ones and I raised an eyebrow at her statement “I believe his name was Alessio, they told me that he was here”

“Alessio?” I raised an eyebrow at the woman who nodded.

“Yes, now, if you could put the gun away and tell me where the kid is, I’ll be out of your way” she said raising an eyebrow at me. I must admit, I was impressed, sassing the man with the gun wasn’t the wisest thing to do. But she proved to be braver than some MEN who would be on the other end of a gun.

“Sure…” I said putting the gun back in my waistband. I extended a hand to the girl who frowned in confusion as she looked at me as if I’ve grown a second head “Alessio, the ‘kid’ you’re supposed to be keeping out of trouble, at your service”

Her eyes widened at my statement before she shook her head making me raise an eyebrow at her. Smirking as I took in her expression, I watched she walked out of my office in a haste making me chuckle and follow her. She walked into dad’s office without knocking the door. Yeah, she needed to learn how to knock, and glared at him for a second before she opened her mouth to speak as I stood by the door, watching the scene before my eyes.

“You hired me, to babysit a MAN?” The girl asked glaring at dad who remained calm as he looked at her. I had to fight back a laughing at her attitude, and I could bet on my life that she didn’t even know that she was standing in front of two mafia men. A don, and his son.

“I never said ‘babysit’, I merely said ‘keep out of trouble’” dad answered her casually.

“He is a man, he would be at least twenty-five…”

“I’m twenty-eight, and thank you for noticing that I’m a man” I said stopping her, sarcasm dripping from my voice. The girl stiffened at the sound of my voice and I could swear that she was mentally cursing the second she stepped into the Estate.

“Ah, see, he’s even polite” dad said raising an eyebrow at the girl who ran her fingers through her hair as she glared at dad who was fighting back a smile. I, myself found it amusing that the girl was here losing her mind as she listened to the nonsense dad was saying. But I wasn’t one to judge

“You told me to take care of your son!” She finally snapped.

“I never said that he was a kid though…” dad said calmly making the girl freeze as she processed his cold attitude. But then again, why would I have been surprised, it wasn’t like he’s done this for the first time, nor would it be the last time I guess. However, what shocked me was that he actually brought a girl this time. He usually brought men who would be able to stop me, I’m guessing he really did grow desperate.

“You are crazy, why the hell would I be taking care of your son, who is an ADULT, when there are places to treat such cases?” the woman snapped and I sighed. Judging by her state, I didn’t even think she knew what she got herself into. I was curious to see how she would react when she finds out if I were being honest. But I would let her have her initial fit first. Then I would throw in the big surprise. Who knows, maybe she’d even see it live.

“Because, you are a specialist, and I believe you were looking for a job”

“I was not looking for THIS kind of job” she snapped and dad sighed “Mr. Damien, I can’t accept this job, I apologize”

“Well, you didn’t even see or sign the contract, maybe we can change your mind?” He asked handing her the papers. The girl glared at dad, refusing to touch the papers which had her contract in them and I shook my head at her childish attitude. She had come here out of excitement, I could tell that much. She didn’t have time to properly think this through or ask of who the family was, or why dad would have hired her in private rather than sending their patient, in this case ME, to a special hospital.

“Mr. Damien, you LIED to me. You can’t expect me to want to check out the contract, let alone sign it”

“I didn’t technically lie, it was you who put assumptions without asking” dad answered calmly.

“I am going back to England tomorrow, and this will be forgotten” she snapped and dad raised an eyebrow at her.

“And what will you be telling your family? That you went to the job without getting enough information about it to begin with? Or that you were surprised of the fact that you had assumed something and found another?” Dad asked testing the girl.

“I will tell them what I want, it doesn’t concern you”

“I still do suggest that you read your contract, else I doubt that your family would allow you another step out of the house in search for a job if you reject this one, and judging by how fast you accepted coming here; you and I both know that I am right” dad said handing her the contract. Kiara kept looking at the contract for a second before taking it to read through the papers.

“May I ask what kind of trouble is Alessio into?” Kiara asked and dad raised an eyebrow at her as she kept reading through the papers “it would help me know what to expect”

“He tends to have the habit of being a little, aggressive” dad said casually. Trying to use words which were less ‘frightening’.

“With a gun?” Kiara asked looking at dad who raised an eyebrow at me before he turned his attention back to the woman.

“Ah, I see you’ve met his loyal companion” dad said sarcastically. Kiara looked up from the papers and at me then dad.

“You can’t be serious” she said looking at dad who looked at me. I shook my head at the man who was about to drive the girl nuts. She’s barely been here an hour and she was already losing it, I couldn’t really imagine how she would be if she stayed her for a while longer.

“It’s very simple Kiara, all you need to do is keep him from killing…”


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