Chapter 8


“Where do you think you’re going?” Dad asked the second he saw me walking out of the dining room this morning. I have been ignoring him since last night and he has been making sure to avoid me since. He wouldn’t even join us on the table, and everyone in the house knew that I didn’t want to look at or speak to him, and I knew that the feelings were mutual. The two of us had been like that for years now, and the older I grew, the harder it was for dad to hold control over me. Knowing it was wrong didn’t mean that I made matters any easier for him. The older I grew, the more creative I got with the revenge that I wanted to take, that was something that he didn’t understand. Well, maybe he did, he just didn’t want to think about it. His son was supposed to be under HIS control, therefore, if it was heard that he couldn’t control his own son. Things could and would get out of hand, but I wasn’t as dumb as not to

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Kathy Hardison
There has to be a lot more to Kiara's mom's fake death.
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I feel there is something more about Alessio’s mom being killed and his father knew that that’s why his acting as he is. Same with Kiara’s (which technically still alive)....

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