The dark hall


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                   Episode 8

I woke up with a huge frown on my face 

Fortunately mum wasn't by my side when I woke up but I could see the drip attached to my arm 

I guess mum panicked again and called a doctor

Gosh! mum can be dramatic at times but at least she cares 

Removing the needle out of my hand, I quickly dressed up and walk out heading downstairs 

I meet mum together with sarah and a strange old man

He looks weird with his mixed rainbow hair 

I let out a soft cough interrupting their brief discussion

Mum quickly stood up with a worried expression on her face 

"Hey baby, are you okay? y did you get down quickly! "She said leading me to seat close to Sarah 

I frowned but sat down without complains 

"Am sorry! "Sarah said looking depressed and sad 

I rolled my eyes frowning 

Pretentious bitch

"What are you saying Sarah, it isn't ur fault, we should be the one apologizing not you! "Mum rebuked softly 

I stood up immediately 

"Am going out! "I said without waiting for their reply 

Walking out of the house, I headed straight down to the town library 

I have finally made my decision 

I accept my role as the huntress.... I won't let those demons grow and take over the world 

I will kill and hunt them down till I finally come across that bitch of a mother.....then I will stab her straight into her heart 

But first..... I need to know more about the past huntress....

Did they have powers?? how did they kill demons???

Hopefully I can get a book that answers all my questions 

I stood in front of the huge tall building 

It is quiet weird how huge and quiet the library was 

I breathed out heavily and walk into the library 

Silence greeted me as no living soul was in the library 


I sighed looking around for the Liberian 

"Can I help you??? "I heard a voice behind me making me yell in shock 

I turned to face a old woman in a white robe 

She looks 70 or more 

"Hello! "I greeted with a bow 

"Can I help you? "She asked with a tuneless voice with no expression on her face ignoring my greetings 

"Am looking for a book! "I said but her expression remained neutral 

"Which of them? "

"One that says all about past huntress! "I said expecting her expression to change but nothing....

Her face remained neutral 

"You are the new huntress? "She asked which made me surprised 

"Yes....! "

"Come with me! "She said and headed down the hall leaving me behind 

I quietly trailed behind her 

We headed down into another part of the library that seems dark 

"Go in.... whatever you seek lies in there! "She instructed pointing her hand towards the particular dark room 

"I should go in there? "I asked but she didn't reply just staring at me with a blank look

I swallowed hard staring at the dark strange room

Breathing in and out heavily, I headed straight into the dark room 

Woah!!! so dark 

Walking in the dark was so scary.... 

Not knowing where you were going was much scary...

"Hello.... any one there!? "I yelled but my voice echoed throughout the room 

I kept walking not knowing where I was heading to.....

'Let ur heart shine bright and guide you Carmella! "A voice whispered in my head. 

'Who are you? 'I asked in my head 

'Am you Carmella... 'It replied back 

'You are me?'

'Yes Carmella '

'What do you mean by let my heart shine bright and guide me? '

I asked but no response 

'Hello...?? are you still there? ' I asked but no one replied 

Damn it!!! 

Where did the voice go too? 

Now am stuck with a puzzle in a dark room 

Isn't this amazing (≧∇≦)

What does let ur heart shine and guide you??? 

How does my heart shine??? 

I frowned but shook my head....

I breathed out heavily and tried to find a light in my heart..... trying to meditate 

This Aren't working 

I sat down frustrated in the dark..... 

How was I going to be a real huntress if can't even understand a simple puzzle

This sucks


I can't give up..... 

Not when my family is in danger.... 

Not now not ever!!! 

I took a deep breath and cleared my mind..... 

I will find the light in my heart and it will shine

Suddenly I felt a radiant energy coming out of my heart...... it felt new and strange but I felt comfortable 

It shined so bright but it was only focusing on a direction and that was towards the far end.....

I quickly followed the light..... as it brightened my path.... 

Soon the light stopped on front of an iron door with chains and flew in breaking the chains 

Wow so cool.... 

I quickly walked into the bright room as the light flew back into my heart 

"Congrats you have passed the first test of been an huntress! " I heard a voice and I was shocked to see the old woman here and even smiling 

" "I asked stuttering but she only but smiled 

"You know so many people has come to me possing and bragging to be the huntress yet they could not pass through that dark hall you passed through before their death.....!"She said and my mouth dropped open in shock 

"Say what now!?? "

"Do you know that, the dark hallway you just passed was filled with dark eating creatures.....reasy to devour you if you had quitted or had troubles finding ur path? "She asked making me frown 

"I did not know that....! " I replied while she only but laughed 

"You are Carmella...... aren't you? "She asked and I nodded.... 

Well I don't find it strange how she knows my name..... hanguar Is a crazy town

"When I first saw you.... I knew you were the huntress! "She said sitting down on a stool

"Wait!!! What???? you knew I was the  huntress yet you made me pass through a dark hallway filled with vile creatures that could eat me and my soul??? Why didn't you just brought me here ur self? "I asked feeling aggrieved 

"If I had done that... then u wouldn't have learnt the three rules that guarded a huntress!"

"Three rules? "

"Yes three rules! "She squeezed then sent me an apology smile 

"Sorry am alergic to dust! "She said and I nodded 

"So what are these three rules? "I asked feeling curious 

"First a huntress must trust her second voice....that one that leds and guide her..... it is in a light form..... " She said making me suddenly remembered the light that generated from my heart eairler 

"Second a huntress must be able to see both in dark and extremely light 

Not just with ur physical eyes but with ur mind and ur heart..... "

"Third and last..... a huntress must be patient..... must have great endurance..... evil luks around and the devil is one that plays games.... If you must defeat him and his cahoots then you must be patient and endure! "She said breathing out heavily afterwards..... 

"These were the three rules every huntress before you passed through..... but you..... you are special! "She said making me frown 


"You were the first in history of huntress to pass through the dark hall within an hour.... it took some huntress days.... months....only ur grandmum exceeded a day and that was because she was already well trained...! "She said sighing softly... but I could see the glint of happiness in her eyes 

"Did you know my grandmother? "I asked and she smiled 

"Yes Carmella.... I knew ur grandma.... she was a good huntress and friend..... she was just as beautiful as you were and also pure In heart...."She said in a sad voice 

I could tell she and my grandma were friends 

"It's time for you to learn the history of the huntress.......aftet then we will begin with ur trainings.... evil luks around.... we must hurry we don't have enough time yet! "She urged grabbing my arm as she led me to a large table filled with books 

"These are the histories of all huntress...... starting from the first huntress Emily..... read them and you will understand everything... I will be outside if you need me! "She said and disappeared in a blink of an eye 

I sighed in determination as I got intruded into the books 

It felt like an urge that I didn't know when I started reading 

Time passed until I finished all the histories of the past huntress........ 

The librarian immediately appeared which surprised me

"How did you know I was done? "I asked but she only smiled 

"I can sense things Carmella! "She said and I nodded 

"Wow it felt like a short time since I have been reading.... how many hours has it been? "

"Days Carmella, you have been reading for days! "She said leaving me speechless 

That long??? I wonder how panicked mum and dad is by now 

"Don't worry Carmella I have taken care of ur birth parents.... they won't look for you for this particular period!"She assured and I nodded 

I trust her.... am sure she wouldn't do anything to harm them 

"So...... I am done with the histories of all huntress.....can we start the training? "I asked but she only smiled 

"You must learn to be patient Carmella..... but yes you can start if you want to!But won't you love to shower first? at least eat something? "

"No..... I would love to go on with the practice now if there is no problem 

"Okay then Carmella, let's start! "She said and the whole white room changed to a dark room lighted with red candles 

"First training I will teach you how to summon a demon!!! "She said with a wicked smirk making me shiver...... 

"Shall we begin Carmella??? "


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