Welcome to Hell (Meeting the first prince, (prince of lust Amadeus)


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18

Rated 18 Be mindful because this chapter contains lot of erotic words and displays

Skip if you're uncomfortable 

                   Episode 14

    General POV 

Immediately They got into the kingdom through the gate, they heard screams...

Terrifying and horrifying screams 

Screams that sent shivers running down their spines 

" this place? "Justina asked gulping down saliva forcefully 

One could tell how terrified she was.... 

"Undone, the place were Amadeus lives..... he is the demon of lust so definitely the screams you hear are that of horrifying pleasures! " Carmella explained looking around as if in search of something.... or someone 

"What do you mean by horrifying pleasures?? "

"Were do you think the use of BDSM  was invented huh? "Asher asked sarcastically which made all gulp forcefully 

"So you mean these demons sex this women with hard tools? "Maria asked and Carmella nodded 

Carmella's POV

"Yes but this is far worst! "I replied gently 

"How worst? "Ava asked and I smirk 

"100 million times worst! "

I could sense their fears and worries but I did not try to stop it.... 

It would attract Amadeus to us much more faster 

"Now listen carefully ..... 

We have started the training..... we have gotten to hell.... 

In able to defeat demons then you must find their weaknesses 

We will be visiting all seven princes of hell, if we are able to come out of their kingdoms alive then we must have found out one of their weakness! "I explained and they listened attentively 

"In hell, sometimes strength isn't all we need 

To outsmart a demon, then one must be smart, willed and fast.... 

We will soon attract attention to ourselves and remember in whatever you do.... never look Amadeus in the eyes! "I instructed 

"But why???? "Maria asked and everyone else immediately nodded in agreement with her question 

"Do you want to become physically attracted to him and remain in hell forever? "I asked and they all shook their heads vigorously 

"Good then, remember not to look at him in his eyes! or face.... trust me demons can be seductive! "

"And remember, don't look any demon here in the eyes especially when they are in human form ..... their eyes are just as seductive as their face ! "

                    Justina pov 

Immediately Carmella warned us about looking into Amadeus eyes, we saw a demon walking towards us 

No it was a male 

A fucking good looking male 

So so handsome!!! 

"Greetings! "He said with a smirk which was evil yet seductive 

"I am prince Amadeus right hand man.... come with me, he will meet you! "He said and we followed him... 

I could hear the terrifying screams of females and their pleads to be set free 

I saw a girl crawl out of a hole with her body covered in blood 

Her face was intact but her private parts were missing 

Her boob's were no longer there and her vagina was widely opened with something inside... more like a hard chain 

She was in tears but her moans could be heard 

I saw a demon walking out naked with his private part at over 60 inches long..... 

If I wasn't so terrified, the length of his private part would have probably surprised me

He used his private part to wipe her ass which made her scream in pain or pleasure 

He buried his private part into her's as all of it shoved into her 

Her eyes were pleading to me to save her but what happened next terrified me 

His dick came through from her vagina straight out of her mouth 

I almost puked in disgust but I was too terrified

"Look away Justina! "Asher warned dragging me along but I still look back and saw the demon staring at me 

I quickly look away for the fear of them seducing to stay here 

God help me!!!! 

We got to a castle and surprisingly everywhere was neat and calm 

There were no screams or moans just empty

We walk towards a particular door and when we got in.... we were shocked to see naked women and men having sex 

At first, I felt irritated just staring at them.... but I suddenly felt the urge to join them... 

The urge kept getting stronger and I turned to Justin and saw him pulling his clothes 

I turned to others and saw them almost doing the same thing 

Only Carmella and Asher was fighting the urge 

I didn't know when I pulled my clothes and as a man fondled my boobs. 

I felt sick in the stomach yet moaned in pleasure 

"Fight it..... everyone fight it..... one of the tools of the demon is seduction but you must fight it..... fight ur lust ,fight it! "Carmella yelled and i tried to fight the lust so as others 

I tried pushing the three men who were pleasuring me away but their pleasures were too seductive 

Two was sucking my boobs while the other was sucking my honey pot...... making me moan like crazy

I tried to think of my family, my friends and everything I have been through in the hands of these demons 

Instead of pleasure I started feeling irritated and disgusted, I quickly push them away and ran out of the room puking in disgust 

I meet Carmella, Asher, ava, Angela, and Kim already outside 

I guess they overcome their lust faster than I did 

Soon Maria was out leaving only justin....i wanted to go in and drag him out but Carmella stopped me 

"He must be able to overcome his lust by himself...... this is the challenge! "She said and that got me worried 

Justin my twin had always loved the pleasure of the world

I mean we were werewolves, and we werewolves love pleasure 

I was able to resist mine because of my family and friends but what of Justin....... 

I couldn't help but worry for my twin 

Will he be stuck there forever??? 

The thought of that gave me creeps yet made my eyes watery 

Kim pulled me into a hug and I cried in his arms 

                      Justin's POV

I could hear Carmella's voice resounding in my ears but all I could think of was the pleasure I was receiving 

So many girls were pleasuring me making me feel how much I have missed life 

"Do you like it?? "I heard a soft seductive sweet voice whispered into my ears 

"Very much! "I replied back 

"Would you like to stay here forever? "

"Yes!!! "I replied without thinking 

"Then S*x me..... S*x me hard and you will stay here with me forever..... we will be here forever together! "It whispered softly and too seductively 

I could feel her hands roaming over my body

From my chest to my abs down to my private part 

It made me moan and drove me crazy at the same time 

"Fight it Justin! remember why you came..... remember ur family, ur friends, ur twin! "I heard a voice and I tried to remember 

"No Justin! don't fight it..... don't remember.... keep enjoying the pleasure ,I will make you happy! "It whispered again and I smiled relaxing enjoying the pleasure 

"Justin!!! Remember who you are..... you are an alpha and alpha's are strong, you have a journey ahead of you..... open ur eyes Justin, open them! " I immediately snap my eyes open but instead of seeing beautiful females, I saw ugly demons pleasuring me 

They were so ugly with their rotten tooth and face..... 

I quickly push them away and ran to the exist.....

Immediately I got out, I puked as Justina hugged me tightly crying aimlessly 

"Are you okay justin?"Carmella asked and I nodded 

I couldn't speak..... everything still felt terrifying and hard to explain..... 


                   Ava POV

I breathed out heavily when Justin walked out alive 

To be honest, even though I possessed half demon blood, I hardly could have made it out alive if not of Carmella 

She was a big help to us all

Those demons were filled with lust.... most terrifying thing I have ever experienced 

"Congrats you pass prince Amadeus  test.... not bad! "The male demon who led us to the room said with a smirk 

I wanted to badly punch his face 

"When are we meeting him.... we need to leave! "Carmella asked coldly and the demon smirk 

"This way! "He said gesturing us to another path......

We followed him but carefully this time so he wouldn't land us into another room filled with lust.....

We got to a party of the castle were a gigantic throne was in it.... 

A man was seated in it with his hair flown on the floor 

immediately I knew he was prince Amadeus.... prince of lust 

He looked up and we all quickly looked down not daring to stare into his eyes 

"Interesting.... I guess you all just have been well informed!!! "He said in his deep seductive voice 

I was so tempted to raise my head and look into his face 

But I resisted the urge 

"Lord of lust, we have passed ur test, please let us go! "Carmella pleaded coldly 

We heard a deep chuckle 

"Interesting, it seems I am no longer scary since a mere little demon dares to talk to me.....! Kill them with lust!" He ordered and immediately Maria casted a spell that took us the castle 

Thankfully Carmella communicated a plan to us in our minds and we immediately acted if not we would have been doomed 

"Congrats all.... we successfully passed the gate of lust! "She announced and we smiled a bit 

"So what next? "Kim asked and we all stared at Carmella

"Now we visit the prince of envy..... leviathan! "She announced and we sighed 

This is going to be a hell of a journey 


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