Blaine unpacked his clothes and arranged them in the cabinet in the corner after Almothean left. It appears to be quite old, but it is still in good condition.As he roamed his eyes around, everything in this room appears to be antique. Well, he's not against it because it's visually appealing, and strangely, he's getting some familiar vibes in this place.

He likes it here not only because of the room, but also because this house is very isolated, so he won't have to worry about any unnecessary noises. Blaine, despite his vulnerability to fear, prefers a quiet environment. He feels at ease in a quiet environment, and it helps him to relax.

 “Welcome home Blaine”

“You’re finally here again”

Blaine turned his head again to the location where he heard the voices, but he saw no one. Is he having hallucinations? Maybe he's already tired?

His body appears to be heavy, so he quickly arranged his clothes

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