After some time passed, Blaine gradually calmed down.

“S-sorry if I surprised you with my actions” He shyly said while blushing

He really didn’t know what comes into his mind to actually cry while hugging this  man. They just met today but seems like he’s already comfortable with him and these things seems natural for them. Maybe they’re really that close back then?

“It’s fine. Actually, it’s my fault. I should have stayed with you atleast today. You always easily get scared whenever you’re in an unfamiliar place. I thought that it will not be the same this time because you live here before but I guess you really forgot about everything”

He thought that I’m scared because of an unfamiliar place? Blaine wanted to correct him but he chose not to. He don’t know if this man would believe him if he were to say that he’s hearing strange noises.

"Did I ever live here before

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