“Are you sure about that?” Jake asked Blaine as soon as he stepped inside their headquarters

“Yeah. I thought about it really hard but seems like I’m not really acquainted with the Phantom Night. You know that I don’t have a lot of friends right? It’s easy to look on their background and I don’t find anything suspicious”

Jake think for a moment before speaking “But I can’t seem to dismiss it as a mere coincidence. Think again. Maybe you forgot someone?”

“Nah. I’m sure that I did a background check on all of my acquaintance. I didn’t miss anyone” He firmly said

“Hmm. If you say so”

Jake said that but he know himself that he’s not contented. He trust his instinct. And his instinct tells him that the clue in this serial murder case is his friend, Blaine. Since the murder of the two guys who approached Blaine on the club, he’s been doing a

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