“Are you saying that it was a suicide?!” Jake grabbed the collar of one of the detectives

He’s really pissed right now. A lot of things happened on this day that really test his patience. His friend, Blaine, also fainted without him knowing the reason why so his mind is really in chaos right now. He felt like he will lashed out at any moment If this will continue.

“Calm down Jake, nothing would come out of getting angry with them. Moreover, we are the ones who asked for their help right?” one of their colleague said while patting his hand that is grabbing the collar of the man in front of him

“You want me to calm down?! This jerk said that the chief committed a suicide! You also know that the chief is not that kind of person right?!”

“I understand what you’re feeling but you’re also a detective. Surely before you asked the assistance of our unit, you already conducted an investigation yourself an

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