"Careful!" Raiden exclaimed when he saw Stephanie trying to sit up straight. He rushed to her side and put a couple of pillows behind her back. She laid on the soft pillows and moaned in pain while holding her chest. He instinctively rubbed her back and squeezed her arm to help her cope with the pain.

"Are you all right? Do you need something?" He asked, still holding her securely. She gulped and looked at him with shy eyes, just to find him staring back at her with eyes full of concern. They stayed in the same position for about 3 seconds before he pulled back and faked a cough. She dropped her eyes back down at her hands.

"Here, It's time for a medicines." He held out a few pills in his palm and the glass of water in other hand. She mentally gagged at the site of those bitter medicines, but took them anyways. She silently thanked him, avoiding his eyes at all costs. He heaved a deep sigh and sat next to her.

"Why did you leave? You were aware of what dangers awaited you and yet you
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