A Ray of Light

"Of course I'm fine. Don't worry too much." All right, reach home safely. Blair placed her phone on the center table and streched out her arms. It was strange. Wan had called her late at night it just to ask if she was safe. There was a wierd tremble in his voice, as if he was scared of something. She had to trust him and wait for him to share whatever that was bothering him.

She remembered the talk she had earlier with her uncle. She was overjoyed when she saw his caller ID flashing on her phone screen. She had been constantly texting him in hopes to get a chance to explain herself. He never reply to any of her texts. On top of it, with Byron Chase roaming free, it would just create more problems between them. Therefore, his call made her happy, yet surprised.

She laid down on the couch and scratched her scalp. After a long day of work, she wanted to have a good rest, still she was up till late as she was waiting for Calvin. He had informed her beforehand that he was going to be late
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