One Hundred-Forty-Eight

As I go to tell her that I love her too, she disappears and the emptiness returns, telling me that they must have given her that drug she mentioned again. I hate this feeling of emptiness. Morpheus howls in my head and I return my attention back to the males in front of me.

"Raphael, get in contact with our informants within Valentino's territory. Tell them to keep an eye and ear out for anything on Yasmine's arrival, but make sure it is on the down low."

He nods and leaves the office as he says, "Yes, Alpha."

"Zaire, that list of fighting packs. Do we have any informants in any of them?"


"Good, get in touch with them and discreetly see if they have any information about a possible new fighter that can't fight."

"On it Alpha." He then follows Raphael out of the office.

I take a few deep breaths, getting my emotions and Morpheus's conflicting rage under control before I walk out of my office and return to the meeting room and the 10 Alphas waiting in there. As I re-enter t
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Derena Marie
this was heartbreaking.. he could have done a million different things.
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Catherine Saldana
why are you dragging out this book. please just finish it up.

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