One Hundred-Forty-Nine

I feel her tense as she eyes the Alphas in front of us, but doesn't argue with me. I give her a soft kiss on the neck as she steps out of my arms. She then slowly makes her way around the room touching first Maverick and then moving around to run her hand over Harrison's shoulders, then as she goes to walk past Rhett he grabs her around the waist and with a slight scream of surprise from her, pulls her into his lap so she is straddling him.

I watch as Rhett places slobbery kisses along her neck, and Vivian smiles as she lets out a small moan. Showing me that even with the daggers she was sending my way, she was enjoying every moment, and that I wasn't mistaken when I chose her for this, knowing she would love it. Keeping up my facade, I smirk and then say,

"Gentlemen, since your attention is now focused somewhere else I think we will call this meeting to an end for the day… Alphas you can either take her to your own private rooms individually or you can use one of the free guest ro
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When will I be able to finish this book
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Derena Marie
Thanks for the double update..

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