One Hundred-Fifty

"My feelings exactly. I would like to continue King Darius' mission and put an end to as many of these camps as I can."

"I can now see why you didn’t include the others in this part of the meeting. There is no way those Alphas would even consider agreeing to what you are now proposing. Now, how are you planning on raiding these camps and such? Won't you need the King's approval? Raiding so many packs and territories?"

"Of course, each raid will be done properly and by the book. At the same time, I will be looking for the females and males, including my mate that was taken from Alpha Jasper's pack and territory."

That, of course, would depend on whose territory that they are in as going through Malik would definitely give some of them the heads up. I am not stupid; I now realise that the reason he and his father never continued with King Darius' mission of shutting all of them down is that some of the illegal packs, camps and villages are either run by them or they are involved cl
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Vanessa Durward
i dont know why you are only receiving one chapter per week as I'm doing one chapter per day. The only day I've missed so far was the first day of the month.
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loving this story line but please we need more than 1 chapter a week getting bored waiting on each chapter per week

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