One Hundred-Fifty-One

I am impressed as I always am when I visit, but this time I am keeping my eyes open that little more. I notice that a number of the trainees have a few injuries that are not from normal training or sparring. I turn to Alpha Adrian,

“Why are they still training?”


“Those three over there…” I point to the ones that are the most injured and then continue, “They are injured and don’t seem to have been given the right amount of time to recover?”

“Oh, those… They insisted that they could continue. They were involved in confronting a group of rogues trying to come into our territory yesterday.”

For some reason, I don’t believe him. After every fight, a warrior is required to take at least two to three days to recover, and that is only for minor injuries. Their injuries look to be a bit more than just something minor. Looking at all of them, I come to the conclusion that they were made to come train or lose their position or possible position.

As I scan the training field once more
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goodnovel comment avatar
still loving this book cant wait for morw chapters 2 come out
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Derena Marie
Still loving this book..except the office scene.

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