One Hundred-Fifty-Five

“We walked in on your father with one of the other females…”

“Is she okay? Did he hurt her?” She whispers with concern.

“She is fine, she is in Lillian’s room… Mil, did your father??”

She bursts into more tears and sobs, burying her face into his chest as she whispers,

“I couldn’t stop him..."

Felix puts his hand on her cheek and whispers,

"You don't have to say or explain anything if you are not ready to."

She nods and lets out another sob as she continues.

"He called me to his office not long after our mothers left. As soon as I entered, he had a couple of warriors grab me by the arms and drag me to stand in front of his desk. He cleared everything off of his desk as he said that I needed to learn and know my place now as a female of this pack. As he then walked around the desk, the warriors turned me so that I was always facing him. He approached me once I had my back to the desk. Using his claws, he ripped my jeans, making a hole in them. I started to struggle against the warrio
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