One Hundred-Fifty-Six

I then link Raphael and Zaire once more,

“Everything and everyone ready?”

“Yes, just waiting for you.”

“How are we approaching HunterMoon?” Raphael asks,

I cut the link as I don’t know how to answer his question yet. I’m not even sure yet. I don’t even know if they have been warned of our coming. I guess the best way to go would be for me to go in with Raphael first again and have Zaire wait just outside the territory to be called upon if necessary.

It isn’t long before Raphael, Zaire and Kai, along with the fifteen warriors that we brought with us, meet us at the SUVs we came in yesterday. I look at Zaire and even before I ask, he says,

“The other warriors are already on their way back to meet up with the other team and move to a safe distance from HunterMoon territory’s border.”

I nod. I really don’t know what I would do without either of these two. We get into the SUVs and start on the journey to HunterMoon. I doze again with the steady motion of the SUV but wake up regularly wit
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