Two Hundred-Thirty-Three

For the next week, both Zachariah and I are run off our feet. We still manage to steal a little time here and there for a quick sharing of pleasure, but nothing more than half an hour at most. After going almost 2 days without seeing Zachariah and feeling a little deprived, I head in from my last training session, which has grown as more and more females and young ones what to train and train with me.

I link Zachariah as I enter the packhouse. “Where are you?”

“Office, I have a meeting with Alpha Aaron and Alpha Maxwell in about 15 minutes.”

I smile to myself, as that should be plenty of time to pay him back for getting me all flustered before training yesterday. I walk into the packhouse, up the stairs and into his office. He smiles and stands up from his chair behind his desk. I walk up to him and wrap my arms around him, allowing him to pull me in tight up against him and just as I thought he is already hard from me just touching him and him taking in my scent in.

I push him back
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Sarah Logan
Nooooo! can hardly wait for the next chapter! This is so good!!!!
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So excited!

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