Two Hundred-Thirty-Seven

Jade does up the zip, allowing me to let the dress go. I move around a little, looking at the back, the front and the sides before facing Jade and saying,

“Do you think he would like it?”

“My brother is going to love it, but then you could be in one of the ugliest dresses and he would still love and think you are beautiful.”

I blush, knowing that she is right. I then turn so my back is to her once more and say,

“Can you undo it now?”

“You don’t want to wear it?”

“No, I don’t want to get it dirty before we go tonight.”

Jade undoes the zip and I slip the dress off, put it back on its hanger and then slip my other dress back on. I then walk to the front counter with Jade walking beside me. When we get to the counter, Cassie, the young assistant, says,

“Good day Luna, everything is already taken care of.”

I smile at her and say, “Thank you, Cassie. How is your brother Brandon doing? Is he feeling better?”

“Yes, he is. Thank you for sending Doc Ava. She was wonderful and helped mo
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Sarah Logan
I am suprised she didn't remember the time Charles stuck her with a tracker. She should not even have been allowed to go order by herself. Malik, the Bastard King is going to make his move. looking forward to Zachariah taking him down
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope they don’t find one of those capsules in Yasmine leg especially since she is pregnant

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