Chapter 4

    "You don't look so good, Alita"

   Alita turn away from the mirror to see Elita looking at her like she had bumps all over her skin.

   For what seems like an eternity, Alita stared at her co-stripper like she was confused. A smile spread across her face as she noticed how beautiful Elita is, for as long as Alita is a female, she always wants to be friends with Elita but the girl seems to be just too proud of herself.

    The red net lingerie Elita wore showed everything about her, in other words, one could sit Elita is naked. Her pinkish-brown pierced nipples could be clearly seen beneath the net, same as her V line.

     Since the past few years that Alita had been working, Elita had never been nice to her. Just as Mr. Mattoe, who had always want to get her out of the restaurant, and he succeeded.

   "Leave me alone, Elita" Alita grumbled as she walked past.

   Of all the things in the world, Alita would rather pick corn than have another annoying conversation with Elita. And the most annoying part is that they almost had the same name, Elita and Alita.

      "Your boyfriend broke your heart again?" Elita smirked as she began to check herself in the mirror "Fuck! I look so fucking hot"

   Alita still refused to reply as she stripped out of her dress, totally naked, she stepped into her dancing outfit. On a regular day, Alita loves black, she would go for black lingerie or her usual pink rope bra and matching pint G-string pants.

   The black leotard she was wearing had a mixture of green and blue shining colors. Her back was open as her stomach, sides, and most parts of her breast.

    After getting comfortable in the wear, she stepped up her black heels and wore her long black hair back. The makeup she made did a very good job of covering her black eyes and dull face.

     Casting one last look at Elita, she smile, just a toothy smile, and walked to the door.

     "I fucked him last night, Ricardo is it?" Elita giggled as her statement made Alita stopped "He has a very good dick and I wonder why he doesn't like you"

    Alita stood still, not looking at Elita, the last thing she want before going to the stage, is to let Elita see her tears.

      Ricardo and Alita had been in a toxic relationship for three years now, even when she knew the young man no longer love her, she still want him. The Drug dealer Ricardo had been her hope since mama Samantha died.

    Even when she had to feed him, cover up for him, get into trouble for him, the young man still doesn't want to take her seriously. He would break her heart every weekend to go on a date with another woman and would come back begging.

    But last two weeks ago, Alita decided to end the toxic relationship once and for all, even when it hurts her to lose him, she had to remind herself that she had to live without him or live with him and regret for the rest of her life.

   "He is so hot" Elita moaned as she licked her index finger, she walked closer to Alita and stopped "You need to hear the way he was calling my name, unlike you, he hardly looks at your face"

    Alita involuntary sniffed, earning a peal of humorless laughter from her rival.

     "You are one useless bitch" Elita continued "And if I were you, I would have committed suicide long ago"

   She walked in front of Alita and laughed more, her left hand on her breasts and the right one on her head.

    "Nobody wants you bitch, just like your parents" Elita smirked.

    "Do not fucking talk about my parents" Alita's voice became hoarse "Do not push me"

   Elita's face went white for a second, fear written all over her face before she chuckled, a dry one, not even a single atom of humor. She fold both hands under her full breast and smirked.

    "And what will you do about?" She put her middle fingers into her mouth and brought it out with some saliva. A weird smile spread across her face as she rubbed it on Alita's face.

     And that's when hell got to lose, Alita did what no one had expected, including her. She clenched her left fist and connected it to Elita's Jaw, sending her off balance and landing on the floor.

     "I will punch you again on your pretty fake face until you need to do another surgery, Fottuto pezzo ddi merda" Alita said through clenched teeth, pure disgust laced in her voice.

     She steps out of her curtain with a fake smile, hiding all the pain, anger, disgust, and tiredness in it. Alita did what she have to do in order to live, in order to feed, and in order to not be in the street. She danced.

     Just like every other day, Alita dance, ignoring every side calls, with just one person in her broken heart, Ricardo!

    Short of breath and exhausted, Alita walked back to the dressing room and changed to her normal dress never forgetting to put on her big black shade and her bucket hat. She ignored every other dancer, which was highly unusual of her.

    The night was cold and filled with people, different categories. Some official whores, drugs dealers, insane people, homeless people, thieves, and people returning from work like her.


   Knowing who whose the voice, Alita refuses to turn back, the last thing she would want is to let Ricardo see her cry.

    "Alita, don't you want to answer me?"

   Alita ignored him again, she adjust her shade and her hat, making sure it covers her face well that no one would recognize her the next day.

    Surprisingly, Alita didn't hear his voice again, she stopped and slowly turned back to see he was no longer there and something like fear gripped her.

    It's wasn't really fear, it was just a mixture of pain, loss, anger, insecurity, fear, and danger.

   Before she could turn back and start moving, she felt someone cover her mouth and drag her to the corner.

    "Hello, Love" Ricardo smirked.

   The rage in Alita's eyes was almost covered with her fear. She couldn't even breathe well as she couldn't contain her anger. She flattened herself to the wall as Ricardo tried to kiss her.

   "What's wrong baby?" He frowned as his finger finds its way under her dress to her underwear, he inserted his middle finger into it and rubbed her clit "So dry!"

   "Get the fuck away from me," Alita said, she tried to free herself but his grip was too strong on her.

   "You know how much I miss your pussy?" He kissed her lips and trail it down to her neck and breast "And this".

    Alita smiled, distracting him from what she wanted to do, she tilted her head and looked behind him, he followed her gaze and she seized the opportunity and spray her perfume.

    'Remind me to get a pepper spray next time!' She thought.

    Without looking back, she began to run, just running in any direction. She got to a spot that had three different ways and stood confused, not knowing where to go.

    " Bitch!" Ricardo yelled, "You fucking hit Elita, just know you are as good as dead". He went silent for what seemed like a few seconds "When I get you, discover your ass hole open, I will fuck it still you won't be able to dance again"

   She could even hear his hoarse breathe as she stomps around, scattering anything he comes across.

   She sighted an empty waste big and hid inside. Even when the smell was killing her, she rather stays in than have Ricardo rape her.

   "Anita darling" Ricardo called "Don't you miss my dick? You know its good to improvise as you have never allowed me to go from behind"

     Rage rush through Alita's veins as she listens, she wishes she could shut him up.

    She imagined jumping out the box, getting hold of a rod, and hitting it against Ricardo's head, sending his messed-up brain out.

     'Snap it out!' She though.

  She quickly brought out her phone from her bag and began to search for help, at least a person she could text and let them know where she is and come to her rescue. After going through 59 contacts, she sighs! What could she have thought when she was an introvert, always busy with works and never looks away from her novels when free, which happens rarely.

   "No fucking shit" she cussed aloud.

  "Gat ya!" Ricardo exclaimed.

   Even without seeing out, Alita could sense Ricardo walking towards her. She closed her face, waiting for the lid to be open.

    "Ric! Ric!!" A strange voice intoned.

   Feeling a bit relieved than before, Alita went completely mute to know what was happening.

   "Bone!" Ricardo sounds confused.

  Silent took over.

Alita had the tempting urge to open her life and look out but she was far too scared. She comprehended Ricardo must have moved away from the box because she could no longer feel his killing present.

   "Bone! We can talk this out" Ricardo's voice seems shaky.

   "Go tell that to the boss" The person replied.

   "What do you mean?" Ricardo sounds more scared than ever.

    "He decided to come to pay you a visit, after not hearing anything from the imaginary girl".

    " That one wouldn't want to come, but I assure you, there is another one, she is just- around," Ricardo said.

    Alita heard someone clear his throat, followed by the sound of something clicking and a loud shot sound.


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