Chapter 7

Something needs to be done!

  If Alita stays put, she would end up dead, if she also runs away, Gio will end up dead.

  She walked to her room, grabbed a few more stuff she thought she might need, and went to the dinner table. She sat mute, absolutely silent, listening to the lowest sound she could.

   Poor Gio! A poor child that was made an orphan the same day he came to the earth. He didn't get to smile at his parents, enjoy Christmas with family and go on holiday with grandparents now he is hiding in the dark.

   The dark he had always been afraid of is what he took refuge in.

  Mentally, Alita visualized Gio shaking in the dark with his eyes close. he looks sweaty and his bag pressed to his chest like an anchor. His tender heartbeat was loud, threatening to explode any given second.

  With Gio's phone in her shaking hands, thinki

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