Chapter 8

    Slight movement of the fingers, then the body, next to the opening of an eye. Alita winced as she tried to sit up instantly, her head still hurts so bad that she can not remember what kind of alcohol she had the previous night.

  She let her body relax before she roam her lazy eyes around the room.

   "Holy smoke!" She exclaimed as she looked around the strange room in terror.

   Memories of what had happened before she got to where she was replayed themselves. She took one stead step down the bed, carefully, making sure not to step on the floor with her full weight.

   She glimpsed at the figure of a huge man, she felt he might be huge for she could still see almost all the parts of his broad back even as he was seated on the chair, absentmindedly.

   For a quick second, she decided to use her brain. She stood still for a while, expecting to get a reaction from him but none came. It'

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