Chapter 14


      The long table was filled with Lu's men as they have breakfast. Different types of food filled the table but Gio choose to remain with his mac and cheese, he also asked for an apple which he placed close to him to eat later.

   It had been like that since he arrived and starts eating with them on the big table as they had called it, only once had he seen Lu eat with them and that day was super interesting and he wish for that day to happen again.

   Each meal, they must yell and say bad words but he never gets to complain, Gio would make sure to finish his food and leave them so he could go stay with his sister and play with Rocco afterward.

   He got angry as Cage hit him to get back to Rocco who had snatched the salt and refused to give it back to him. As Alita had always taught him to ignore irrelevant things, he decided to ignore but immediately his spoon touch his lips, something


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