Chapter 17

His gaze locked with hers as he dipped his Index finger into the opening of her breast. He noticed her tense and he smirked.

    "Just be a good girl and you will see Gio again," he said.

   He held the chain connecting to the choker around her neck and pulled her. His face remain mute, with no sign of emotion as he pulled her again and wrapped his fingers at the back of her hair, without warning, he smashed his lips with hers, devouring it in a brutal kiss.

    He held both of her hands in one palm and her neck with the other, still assaulting her lips in a rough kiss. No matter her protest cries and struggling, Lu makes sure not to give her a single breathing space.

   He finally released her to see almost all of her lipstick gone, her lips swollen and she looked sad. She refused to look at his face even when he held her face up, she still get to close her eyes breathing heavily like she was finding it difficu


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