Chapter 19

    He turned, his expression as confused as that of his men who all stood confused, not knowing where the man had gone. The noise of a car starting drew their attention to where Lu suddenly drove off.

   "Fucking son of a bitch" Zeno said between clenched teeth.

     Lu couldn't contain his surprise any longer that as soon as they stopped to switch cars. He threw Alita into the back seat as he took the driver's seat, asking Stefano and Luca to continue with him.

   His driving was rough as he kept making Alita bump her head due to his rough driving. A van pulled over in front of him and he switched again, walking fast with Alita over his shoulder. Ugo took over the car and speed off before The van could start again.

    "What happened to her?" Rocco asked, his gaze homes on Alita's face as she looked almost dead. He touched her face and flinched

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