Chapter 81

   Hiding in the shadows of random strangers was what Alita kept doing. After seeing random girls following her with weird smiles on their faces, getting kidnapped became her worst fear.

   It's was indeed a miracle that she was able to leave Calabria through the help of Mia and the great girls. They could not get her better things but her bus fare and a black hoodie with black shorts was something she would never forget.

    Finally, she spotted an alleyway and dashed into it. By her left hand side was an empty cathedral, without thinking, she dashed into and walked straight to the altar. The place was so silent that her footsteps could be heard.

   Sad memories of how she, Mama Samantha, and Gio used to go to church every Sunday flood back. The happiness, the joy of having a family, the peace of being extremely poor but happy was all she remembered.

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