Chapter 82

   Alita couldn't believe what she just heard, since Dante is Jordan's brother something fishy has to be going on surrounding Luciann. Well, since every betray begins with trust, it's not surprising to see traitors in his closet.

   Listening to whatever they want to say is none of her business, the only thing that kept coming to her mind is to see if she can follow Jordan to Luciano. She surely can't get to Luciano if she doesn't know where to get him.

   Slowly, she popped her head to see only Jordan, her heart somersaulted as Alita stared face to face with Jordan. For what seemed like an eternity, they kept staring at themselves in surprise, not even blinking.

   "Alita?" Jordan said.

  It was more like a question as he was unsure of what he was looking at. It could be Alita or someone that looks like her as he wasn't seeing what he had expected of her. Her cheerful and lively green eyes were gone, the

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