Chapter 83

    Sitted graceful on her late father's favourite couch in his chamber, Arianna waited for what it is to come. A sly smirk plastered on her face as she caress the diamond petal of the necklace she was holding.

   After her father's last message for her, she had been looking for the simplest way to get back at Ugo but couldn't. He was always watching her, making sure she never gets out of the house without been followed. And worst of it all, he monitors her phone life.

   Getting freedom is never easy and that's what gave her the idea of conspiracy.

   With one of her father's most trusted men standing by her side, she waited patiently for Ugo.

   "Well, well" She intoned immediately Ugo entered "The master has finally arrived" she added with a sly smile.

   Since Ugo had known his sister, she had never acted like this.

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