Chapter 86

   The garden wasn't icy as the children would have expected it but they loved it, or rather, Amara loves it. It's been long her father played with her and it's indeed a huge happiness to play hide and seek with her.

   As usual, Gio sat on the floor watching them. He didn't smile, nor frown, even as Amara kept jumping and pulling his legs, nothing left his mouth.

   Again he would be alone.

The fear that he lost his parents who  had died on the night that he was born hurt him. He refused to believe that Alita had eventually gave up on him or something bad had happened to her.

   Not that Gio doesn't know that Alita knows how to take care of herself, in cases of when the people were stronger than her means she might as well be dead. The little he knows about Rocco made him think the man was a nice man, but the things he heard about him is also making

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