Wild Fire


   After Theo and Luke had buried Veronica's body later that night, I stood in the front porch, staring at the moon. I couldn't help but feel uneasy about everything that had been happening. Theo had brought the mirror of mirrors home, but we were taking a huge risk as it was. Theo could loose his soul--A soul which he possesses because he's half human. 

A shudder ran through me when I imagined the possibilities of Theo becoming soulless. He'd become an empty shell. Would he still love me even then? Would he forget me? Technically, I was his soulmate. What will become of us when his soul is lost?

 My heart gave a painful jolt when I imagined Theo with black soulless eyes. I can't let that happen to him; to us. We'll find a way. We have to.

 Strong arms circled my waist from behind me and I closed my eyes relaxing in his hold. "What's on your mind?" Theo asked.

"You, Us" I sighed."Things doesn't look too good for us, d
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