Chapter 64

Timothy Freeman slid open the van door, nodded to his colleagues, who were still seated in the car, put on a wireless earpiece, and closed the van after getting a text from Mr. Kim a few minutes earlier.

One of Timothy Freeman's coworkers had already hacked the neighborhood's CCTV cameras, and they all watched as Timothy Freeman, with the help of Mr. Kim, entered the Kincaid's property.

Two minutes later, Timothy Freeman was in front of Ricardo's apartment, and cracking Ricardo's password was not a difficult task for him.

He walked in and went right to the kitchen, taking out all the cups and putting two drops of an unknown drug into each one before putting them back in their places.

Then he went into the dining room, where he placed a camera in a flower vase that was strategically placed in one corner of the room before heading out the door.

He and his team had been waiting all day and were overjoyed when Ricardo and Ellen started eating, but they stopped s
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