Chapter 2 - Collin

Frost and the other guys were snickering the whole time I was limping through changing. “Looks like Summers strikes again. Maybe start wearing a cup.” Frost taunted, ruffling my hair. “Fuck you, Frost.” I swatted his hand away. 

“Nah, you’re not my type.” Frost laughed. Despite his joking, I can tell something is off. I won’t dare say I know any of the Frosts well enough to tell you which one I’m dealing with most days.

I know that probably makes me sound like some shit friend. But the triplets are fucking good at pretending to be the other. It makes it hard to tell. They need fucking name tags. Not that it would work since they’d just swap the tags. They get a kick out of tricking people, of fucking with us.

You’d think maybe I’d know the difference based on information. Like does the Frost in English or my lunch period know the details of what happened during gym? Of course, they will because they share a god damn brain.

I swear they do, or they have telepathy or some hive mind. It’s creepy, primarily if you deal with all three and they talk in unison. The girls around school cream their panties when they do it. It just sends chills through me. 

Like horror movie chills. You know the kind. When they play the creepy fucking music, you know something terrible is about to happen. Nothing terrible has happened yet. I’m sure one day them talking in unison like that will be followed by something terrifying. But I’m waiting.

But I digress. My point is something seems off this morning. I’m not sure what it is. I mean, I would guess Frost’s annoyed with Jane, but that wouldn’t be different. I don’t even know which brother is dating her.

I also don’t care. I don’t get why they’d want her in the first place. I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck her if I had the chance. She’s not unattractive. She’s just a cunt.

I didn’t get a chance to comment or question as all too soon the bell tolls. “Stay out of trouble, Cole.” Frost and the others taunt as I hurry past Cassidy. The cantankerous redhead shot me a glare, so I shot her a wink. I laughed all the way to history. The look on her face got me through another boring lecture from Mister Weaver.

I swung by my locker to trade out books before French. Two of Jane’s minions, Grace, and Milly, giggled nearby, watching me. I glanced over to see Grace’s eyes slowly slinking over me. “Looking good, Collin.” she bit at her bottom lip. 

It’s supposed to be sexy. And okay, it’s kind of working. But I don’t have time to deal with Grace. “Thanks, Grace. Off to French, au revoir.” I waved my French textbook, giving Grace a wink. “So gross.” Summers sneered as she walked past me. 

“Jealousy isn’t a good look, Summer.” I teased, earning me a middle finger. “Name the time and place, Red.” I taunted, laughing all the way into French class. I can’t place why I love teasing Cassidy. She’s so easy to bait. 

I know what you’re thinking. Why is a Senior taking a language course? Shouldn’t he already have completed his language credits? Is he some kind of idiot? I’m not an idiot. Even if Summers would tell you otherwise. I’m actually in AP French. 

Why am I taking AP French? Two words. Mademoiselle Zimmerman. I grin as I slip into my front row seat, watching my teacher strain on three-inch heels making elegant swirls with chalk of today’s lesson plan. Her fitted pencil skirt gave me a perfect view of her heart-shaped ass. Damn, I love this class.

I barely paid attention the rest of class. Well, I looked like I was paying attention. My eyes never left my teacher. It’s not just her ass I like looking at after all. And I’m sure she knows it. Enough of her class is guys for a reason she can’t be clueless to the reason why. 

“Au revoir Mademoiselle Zimmerman. Jusqu'à demain.” I winked at her as I left her class. I was the last to leave, of course.  “Au revoir Monsieur Cole.” she smiled back at me. I could see the laughter in her blue eyes as she flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder. She knows very well what effect she has on other guys and me.

I was still thinking about her as I made my way to English. The hallway was buzzing with gossip that Frost, specifically Darius, supposedly dumped Jane over the new girl during last period. Apparently, she’s Asian and hot.

As I got into English, I tried to ask him about it. “Hey… Frost.” I greeted, leaning forward to tap his shoulder. “What, Collin?” Frost sighed.

“So, you dumped Jane?” I asked. “That’s the gist of it. All yours if you want to deal with her.” He shrugged, focusing on his book.

“What about the new girl? I hear she’s hot and wants to know if she’s free game.” I whispered. I noticed his jaw clench and smirked. I’ve struck a nerve.  “Look at her, and we will remove your eyeballs with a rusty spoon. Touch her, and we will help pay for your funeral.” Frost warned.

Oh yeah, I struck a gold mine of a nerve. How interesting. Is it just this triplet interested or all three? He did say ‘we’ when he talked about paying for my funeral. So I’m going to guess they all have a thing for her. 

“Mister Cole. Please sit in your seat properly and pay attention.” Ms. Riley narrowed her eyes on me. “Sure thing, Miss Riley.” I sighed, slumping back into my seat. She’s a real pill sometimes. I just wanted to taunt Frost some more. I haven’t even seen the new girl. But if she’s gotten his or any of his brother’s attention, she has to be hot.

I’ll just have to wait till lunch to talk to whoever Frost is in that period. As the bell rang, I gathered my things and headed for my dreaded Trigonometry class. I hate math. I’m actually just barely passing this class. My mom said if she sees one more lousy grade, she will ground me and won’t let me play basketball. 

Which is total bullshit. If my grades aren’t low enough to get me on an academic suspension from basketball, my mom shouldn’t pull me from it. If it wasn’t bad enough that I hate math, this is also one of my classes with Summers.

I smirked as I slipped into my seat behind her. She’s pulled all those fiery locks of hers up into a ponytail. It kept swishing with every subtle movement of her head. It was practically begging me to tug at it. So I reached out first just touching her hair. I couldn’t resist.

It’s so silky. So soft. The total opposite of the girl. I like how her hair feels between my fingers. My mind started to wander. Daydreaming about a more fun reason to be playing with her ponytail. Wrapping her hair around my hand to get a tight grip, thinking about how fun and pleasurable it would be to use it as leverage while fucking her from behind.

I wonder if she has more freckles on her body that I can’t see. Will she have them on her breasts? I certainly wouldn’t mind finding out. “Mother fucker!” Summer shouted. I blinked, opening my eyes to realize I must have pulled her hair like I imagined. 

Her green eyes were dilated, her nostrils were flared, and her cheeks were red with rage. “Do. Not. Fucking. Touch. Me.” I watched as with each word, she got a little redder. It was adorable. “Keep your hair off my desk then.” I quickly came up with an excuse.

“My hair wasn’t near your desk, asshole. And even then, you could say something instead of pulling my hair like the childish toddler that you are.” Oh, the way she chews me out. Her words and tone are so cutting and sharp. Good thing I have a solid shell to protect myself.

“What’s the fun in that, Red?” I smirked. I really shouldn’t keep pushing her buttons. She might slug me. But I love riling her up. “I will kill you, Cole.” She growled. Yes, growled, it was hot. Cassidy shifted in her chair, ready to attack me. 

“Is there a problem, Cassidy? Collin?” Mrs. Graham questioned. We both blinked, turning and seeing our old, gray-haired piled up on the top of her head in a tight bun. Her face was set in an annoyed expression, though she usually looks annoyed with her wrinkles. Frail liver-spotted hands were on her hips as she glared at us.

“Nope. None at all, Mrs. Graham.” I grinned at her. Her eyes narrowed as she pushed her small round-rimmed glasses up her beak, I mean nose. “I don’t like disruptions in my class. If I have to say another word to either of you, it’s detention.” she pointed a boney wrinkled finger at us.

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