Chapter 4 - Collin

I was pissed. No, that’s putting it mildly. I know that Cassidy can be a bitch, but seriously her attitude is getting on my last nerve. She doesn’t have to like me or give a fuck about the basketball team. I get that. But does she really have to be this selfish?

I didn’t ask my mom to get me a tutor. She went behind my back on that. Too bad she won’t even stand still long enough to listen to me. Plus my grades aren’t that bad. I just need Cassidy to take a chill pill and not turn this molehill into a mountain.

I decided to try and catch her after school as I headed to lunch. Honestly, I think it’s stupid that they have a lunch period as the last day of school.

If I didn’t have to rely on catching a ride with Justin to get home or take the bus, I would skip. Stupid Justin having Physics last period, so I have to wait for him.

I’d already sat down with the guys, joking around and just being ourselves when shit hit the fan. Lance did the one thing you don’t do, least of all in front of a Frost. I winced as he pinched a girl’s ass. 

I winced harder as I looked at the girl and quickly realized this was the new girl. The one Frost from English said touching would cause a funeral. “Oh, he’s fucked.” I muttered as the other guys went wide-eyed at the anger in Frost’s eyes as he slammed Lance to our table. 

I managed to pull my tray out of the way before my lunch went everywhere but my stomach. I shared worried glances with Jeremy, Lucas, and Isaiah as Frost led the new girl out to sit away from everyone.

Ballsy, given its fucking cold out, but she went. I have to admit she’s cute, but I like not being choke slammed, so I’m never saying that aloud. 

“What the fuck is his problem?” Lance grumbled, rubbing his neck as he sat back down. “Well, you did grab that girl’s ass. That’s not okay.” Jeremy shrugged. “And you either don’t pay attention to gossip, or you’re just an idiot.” I snorted, putting my tray back down.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Lance glared at me. “That was the new girl. Gossip is that Frost dumbed Jane during gym class because she was messing with the new girl. I confirmed with the brother in my English class that one of them dumbed Jane. And was told, and I quote, ‘Look at her, and we will remove your eyeballs with a rusty spoon. Touch her, and we will help pay for your funeral.’ See?” I gestured outside where Frost was all cozy, sharing food with the new girl.

The guys all look outside and nod; well, Lance doesn’t nod, but I think it might be that it would hurt if he did. “And shit is about to really hit the fan.” Jeremy pointed to Jane, storming outside. “Oh shit. Is it wrong that I wish I could hear what they are saying?” I chuckled, biting into my sandwich watching the drama unfold.

“Need popcorn.” Lucas grunted. Jeremy laughed, shaking his head. “Maybe we should, oh I don’t know, look away and give them some resemblance of privacy.” he suggested. 

“Why? They are right where everyone can see them. And we aren’t alone in watching.” I gestured to the cafe where many watched the soap opera taking place. Who can blame them? All three of the Frost brothers are basically the princes of Ravenwood. Every girl wants to fuck them, the guys that swing that way do too, and every guy wants to be like them. 

Things were really heating up, and whatever was being said was pissing off Jane. She stomped like a brat and stormed away from Frost and the new girl. I feel bad for the chick. She’s got the Frost brothers’ attention, and that’s going to put her on the wrong side of a lot of chicks, especially Jane. 

Thinking of being on the wrong side of a chick only made me think about Cassidy. I groaned, pushing my tray away. “What’s wrong?” Isaiah asked. “Oh, I was just thinking about Cassidy Summers.” I sighed. “Summers? Why would you be thinking about that bitch on two legs?” Lance questioned.

I don’t know why but him saying that irked me. It shouldn’t. I mean, Cassidy is a bitch, but I don’t like him saying it. “What’s Summers have to do with your mood?” Jeremy asked. “Her ball checking you this morning? I heard about that.” Lucas snickered. 

I rolled my eyes. “Thanks for the concern, but my nuts are fine.” I shook my head as they laughed at me. “And not why she’s on my mind. My mom is having a connipshit about my Trig grade. I’m not even failing. I’m still above the requirement the school has to play.” I sighed.

“And what’s that got to do with Summers?” Jeremy arched his brow. “Guess who has the top grade in Trig.” I grumbled, folding my arms. Isaiah and Lucas leaned into each other for support. All of them just about busted a gut in laughter. 

“Glad you all are amused. I’m not. My mom went to Walters and said I need a tutor and that if I don’t get my grade up, she’s going to pull me off the team.” I frowned. That shut them up. 

“Wait. Seriously? You mom would do that?” Lance questioned. None of them play basketball, but they all know how serious it is to not play our chosen sport. 

“Yeah, she would. My mom is hardcore about grades.” I ran my hand over my face. “Okay, but what’s this got to do with Summers? Sure she has the best grade, but big deal.” Lance asked. 

“Walters volunteered Summers as my tutor without asking her. Mrs. Graham told us about it after class. Cassidy went ballistic.” I sighed. “Oh shit. So she’s on the warpath.” Jeremy grimaced at the final bell rang. 

“Yeah. Cassidy wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to talk to her. I’m not expecting her to be my tutor. I can bring my grade up myself, and I am sure I can find someone else to help me out. Ya know someone that wants to.” I rolled my eyes, gathering my things as we headed out. 

After I got my stuff, I caught up with Justin. “Yo! Justin, what’s up?” I asked since he looked distracted. “Catfight.” He nodded his head to the crowd forming. I blinked and turned my attention. “Called it.” I shook my head.

“Huh?” Justin arched his brow. “Frost dumped Jane this morning in gym because of the new girl. Lance learned the hard way that Frost isn’t kidding that he will kick someone’s ass if they mess with that girl. And Jane and Frost had it out because he sat outside and shared lunch with the new girl.” I explained.

“Oh damn. Well, that explains why Jane’s going berzerk.” Justin nodded. I grunted as someone ran into me. Looking back, I tried to smile when I saw Cassidy. I had told myself I would talk to her about this tutoring thing. Of course, she blew me off. 

Justin snickered. I’d told him about the tutoring issue in our Art class. “Oh, shut up.” I grumbled, elbowing him. Justin just grinned. “Looks like this is getting settled.” Justin nodded to the triplets getting involved. “For now. But that girl is going to get raked over the coals tomorrow.” I shook my head, watching the new girl leave with the brothers.

“You’re not wrong. Now come on, man. I’ll try and help you with trig. We cannot lose you from the team.” Justin offered, putting an arm around my shoulders to spin me in the direction of his truck.

I glanced back in time to see Cassidy getting onto her bus. She shot me a look that should kill. Like if she could shoot lasers from her eyes, I’d be burnt toast. I’m so fucked. 

“Mom!? I’m home! Justin’s with me.” I called out as we entered my house. “Oh good, you’re home.” Mom hurried out of the kitchen. She was still in her work clothes, she’s a bank manager in town and always wears skirt suits. “I wanted to talk to you. I called the school this morning.” Mom greeted, giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek. 

“Yeah, I heard. What were you thinking?” I sighed. “Hey, Mrs. Cole.” Justin grinned at her. “Hello, Justin. Go upstairs. Collin and I need to have a chat.” Mom flashed her polite banker smile. “Yeah… sure. See you upstairs, man.” Justin nodded to me before heading up to my room.

“So, what’s your problem? I told you that I didn’t like what I saw on that first-quarter report card. I also told you that you need to bring that grade up if you want to continue playing basketball this year.” Mom sighed, folding her arms looking up at me.

“I know you did. But did you need to go to the principal about it? And make him assign someone? I could just study more.” I countered. I love my mom. I just wish she’d let me handle things myself. I’m not some little kid.

“I wanted the best tutor they could offer. And I know if I left it to you that you’d just pick one of your friends or one of those skanky girls that are looking to sink her claws into you before you get a chance to really meet your potential.” she sighed. 

I rolled my eyes. “Ugh, you sound just like her.” I grumbled because it was such a Cassidy thing to say. And it was creepy that my mom would say something that Cassidy would. “Sound like who?” Mom’s brow furrowed. 

“The girl who hates my guts with every fiber of her fiery-tempered being. The girl that you going behind my back just forced into a corner to tutor me.” I sighed. Mom’s looking at me like I have three heads. But I’m serious. This is no exaggeration. 

“Cassidy Summers hates you? I think you are being melodramatic. It’ll be fine. I already talked with Jennifer Summers about it. She agreed it would do her daughter good and look good for college if she made some spare cash tutoring.” Mom patted my cheek. 

“Now go upstairs to your friend. You’ll start tutoring after school with Cassidy tomorrow.” she smiled, walking away. I groaned because she’s just taken things one step further. Talking to one of Cassidy’s moms? I grumbled all the way to my room.

“How’d that go?” Justin chuckled as I flopped face-first into my bed. “My mom talked to one of Cassidy’s moms. They’ve agreed, so once more, mom has made things worse. I’m supposed to start tutoring with Summers after school tomorrow.” I answered, my words muffled as I was talking into the bed. 

“That’s just so priceless. Oh you are so fucked and not even in a good way.” Justin laughed. I know he heard me well enough cause he laughed so hard he fell out of my desk chair. I just flipped him off as he turned on my tv. 

“Let’s just watch some Sports Center. You usually chill out after some Celtics clips.” He sighed. I turned my head to watch the tv. I don’t know if watching the Celtics or any basketball clips will make me feel better. But worth a shot.

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