Chapter 14 - Cassidy

Is this karma? Is the universe trying to punish me or teach me some deranged lesson? Whatever I did to piss the universe off… I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. Just could you maybe stop putting me in unwanted situations with Collin Cole?

Please? No. Great. Good chat. 

I grumbled under my breath as I walked into the house as ordered. Thanks, mom. Not only did you make me be the one that looked away first, but you gave him my full name. Did you have to? 

I mean, I have no shame in my name. My middle name is an homage to Blaire, and it’s fantastic. But I don’t need my enemies to know my full name.

In some cultures knowing someone’s true name, in this case, my full name gives you power over them. Collin may not be the last person I’d want to have power over me but he’s sure the fuck on the list.

I glared at James, who was chomping into an apple. “Don’t look at me. He just gave me a ride home after practice.” 

My annoying br


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goodnovel comment avatar
Such great, witty, hysterical dialogue between these 2. Love their chemistry!
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Kelly
oooh so much fire in Cassidy!! bring on the burn baby!

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