Chapter 16 - Collin

Riko, however, squeezed his forearm, and bam, the angry giant, was tamed. “I suppose that’s true. Thankfully I am a detail-oriented person. I have too much respect for each of them to call them by the wrong name or just call them Frost like a blanket name.” she smiled. 

“Ooo, burn.” Isaiah smiled, offering his fist to her. Riko seemed confused at first, so Darius lifted her hand and helped her fist bump.

The table all laughed as Riko blushed. Seriously, where is this girl from? She’s too damn adorable. And somehow not only managed to tame the Frost boys, but she’s got Cassidy in her corner. 

“Sorry, not used to the idea of fist bumps,” she admitted shyly. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. There’s plenty of things that my brothers and I will teach you.” Darius winked, making her blush brighter. “Stop it, Darius.” she nudged him with her elbow.

“Is he always li


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goodnovel comment avatar
I would not mind a woman's voice in my head if I was head over heels for her
goodnovel comment avatar
for better or worse, she is now the voice in his head
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Kelly
naw Colin is so sweet with the kids and its so wonderful he has found his calling! i love that Cassidy is in his head already pushing him to do what he wants instead of what's expected. there's more to Colin and can't wait for Cassidy to discover it too!

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