Epilogue - Cassidy Part Two

“Collin, come with me.” I whispered, grabbing his arm with our stuff in hand.

“Um… okay. Where are we going?” Collin furrowed his brow as I led him out of the dance.

I feel no regrets for leaving early. I told our friends we’d find our way home before I went to see him at the drink table.

“You’ll see.” I answered, leading him into the elevator.

I didn’t let him ask more questions in the elevator as I pulled him down, kissing him. I wanted to stop his questions and ease my nerves. His lips are damn good at putting me at ease. Time to see what else they are good at.

My plan was working, at least for the elevator ride. But as soon as it dinged, I had to pull away and lead Collin down the hall to the deluxe garden view room I reserved.

“Um… Cass. We’re in the main part of the hotel. What’s going on?” Collin questioned, looking around a bit confused.

“While being clueless is one of your cute qualities, I know you are smarter than this.” I rolled my eyes, put my keycard into the l

Well, hot damn! That was hot! About time those two did more than heavy making out. Only one more epilogue to go!

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