Epilogue - Collin

Nine, nine years! Can you believe it? It’s been NINE years since we graduated from Ravenwood. It’s insane how much life has changed since my senior year of high school.

I know you’re all here to get the deets on our lives since Cassidy and I got together. And I’ll tell you everything, promise. I think I’ve got time to recap nine years before we meet our friends for the holiday lights at the waterfront park.

So you already know we both were going to Boston University. We got an apartment together with mild concerns, prompted mainly by my mom.

It wasn’t anything super big or nice like Riko and the brothers shared. We didn’t have that kind of cash.

So we split rent on a one-bedroom place near campus. We quickly learned that living together would be a nightmare if we didn’t start making some changes.

Like I learned, if I left dirty clothes on the floor, they would be thrown at me and told to clean up. I also learned that I get a bottle thrown at my head if I don’t separate recycling

And that's a wrap! Stay tuned for Out Of My League, a holiday romance about Reese and Don, starting with their meeting at the holiday lights with everyone.

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I just adored this story of Collin & Cassidy! Excited for Don & Reese's book!!! Great job, Bryant!!! <3<3<3
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Loved the book, but THIS chapter was the best!
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