Chapter 94


A huge white wolf approached us, his teeth bared, in a fighting position. And I knew it was over. Neither Luke nor I could fight anymore. I was helpless and naked, immobile against the freezing, wet snow, sure it was stained red from the cuts all over my body.

The white wolf stood over me and I realized I knew that scent. I figured out where I had smelled the scent of the mystery pack before. The wolf standing over me was Alexander Adalwolf, a man I had gone to Grey Wolf University with—a man whose life I had saved. He was the alpha of the Pine Forest Pack in Ontario. I looked up at him, wondering if he would take my life.

That was when he shifted into his human form. “Wulfric?”

I nodded.

“Fuck, man, I didn’t realize this was your pack. You look like shit.” His eyes darted upward, in a mindlink, then he shifted back into his wolf form. Another wolf came sprinting over—a female one. And that was when I realized that the scent of the wolf that was able to survive in cold water
Celia Hart

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I appreciate that for once the alpha and beta weren’t completely invincible in battle. I can’t believe his dad sacrifice himself for Blake. That is so crazy. Jasmine is a bad ass.

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