Chapter 98


After Blake paid and signed the check, he took my hand and led me to a bank of elevators. As soon as we stepped inside an empty elevator and the door closed, he had his mouth on me, kissing me desperately. I jumped up, and he supported me as I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed me against the wall. I lost myself in the kiss, my whole body aroused with anticipation. My thighs were burning, my panties so wet I was sure Blake could feel it through my dress as his erection throbbed against me. Everything between my legs was pulsing and swollen, desperate to feel Blake inside me. I was already imagining his naked body against mine. When the elevator dinged, signaling the doors opening, we were both gasping for air. He hoisted me up over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing and practically sprinted down the hallway. Once he found the right door, he pulled a key card out of his pocket and threw the door open. I didn’t even bother to look around the suite as he carried me into t
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Yes that’s y she loves his scent too
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Yesss. Second chance mates!

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