Chapter 204

“Zara, first, I want you to know that your parents loved you. They had no choice when they left you and they never stopped trying to find you and get you back.” Tyree’s tone differs from what I’ve heard from him before. It’s more apologetic and compassionate, like a father trying to make his child understand another point of view.

“Tyree, how could I possibly believe that?” Zara holds her hand up to stop him. “They left me on the steps of the pack house. I wasn’t even a week old. They didn’t want me.”

“It’s not true, Zara. I promise you it’s not true. Your father’s name is Scott Eklund. Your mother is Sondi. They came here because the Alpha from Emerald Mountain banished them. They were seeking asylum, and it was granted.” Tyree sits back and sighs. “From what I understand, your father attacked the pack’s Beta, trying to defend Sondi. Your mother said she never had a problem with the Beta and barely knew him. Your father had issues with mental illness. He was paranoid and refused to
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Alicia Farmer
the heck...the end? oh please please tell me more is coming. that's a crap way to end it (⁠´⁠;⁠︵⁠;⁠`⁠)
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crusty crust
so is there going to be a second book I hope so
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Misty DeLisle
I love this book. A little shocked it ended so abruptly. I hope you are going to continue thier story in a sequel. Congratulations to the author, your a great writer....
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