Dears of the Fond Memories
Dears of the Fond Memories
Author: Dane Silvers

Chapter 1 - Possession

“I hope everything would work out…” Lynn nervously pocketed the geode ring box he prepared for his marriage proposal later on.

He worked overtime for the past few months for this single night! He can’t mess this up!

A table in a luxury restaurant has been reserved, the diamond ring was already in his pocket, he rented an expensive suit, and finally, he readied his lines as he would ask for her hand…

He couldn’t wait any longer…

Ring! Ring!

As he was about to go to his old car, he received a message from his girlfriend, Shannon Myers… She’s working as a nurse at an old hospital in the city.

‘Her shift should be over by now. She must be tired from her work.’ Lynn thought as he read the message.

He was right, she would be a bit late as she looks so haggard right now. Though she knows that Lynn doesn’t care how she looks, she would of course want to be beautiful in front of her man.

It should be a normal date for her since it will be a long weekend tomorrow. She didn’t think too much of this date as she chatted with him for a while.

[ I’ll pick you up at seven? ]

[ Alright. Don’t get something expensive again, okay? Just save your money for now. I got my paycheck today anyway. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ ] Shannon replied.

She knows that Lynn has a difficult job and they were both living normal lives.

However, Lynn would normally want to give his girlfriend the best things he could get because he was thankful… He was thankful that out of the many rich, capable, and handsome suitors she had, she chose him… a normal young man with some skills and ambition.

He might only be working as a sculptor right now, however, he has a talent with this career and he knows that he would make it big someday as long as he works really hard.

[ I got it. Take your time! It’s still early anyway. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ]

They ended the conversation after Lynn reassured her that he’ll wait patiently.

He got in his car and drove to the restaurant.

It should only take him about 15 minutes to arrive but considering that it’s Friday night, there will surely be a lot of people who will enjoy the weekend.

In short, he’s expecting a bit of traffic jam.

He wouldn’t be surprised to arrive there in 30 minutes or so.

As he was nearing an intersection, he slowed down a lot seeing a long trail of cars in front of him. He decided to turn on his music player and listen to some of his favorite songs to calm his mind. But then, he heard a police siren behind and looked at his front mirror instinctively to check his back.

However, there’s now a truck behind him so he checked his side mirror instead and was shocked!


The car being chased by the police cars hit several other vehicles on the other lane!

It was a disaster!

The cars ahead immediately moved aside to avoid getting pummeled as well… However, it’s still not over!

For some reason, the perpetrator of this car crash managed to survive and run towards the truck behind Lynn’s car! The culprit was even carrying a gun and shot the truck driver without any hesitation!

‘Crap!’ Lynn had a bad feeling about this, he wanted to move his car as quickly as possible but because of the traffic, the cars are all close together!

He then decisively unfastened his seatbelt and opened his car’s door to get away!

Unfortunately, he was too late!

He heard the truck’s deafening horn and saw a bright light covering his entire field of vision!

He didn’t have the time to feel sad or lament on his unlucky night as he died miserably or so what he thought…

Time gradually passed as Lynn realized that he’s actually still alive for some reason.

He opened his eyes and but he can’t see anything…

“Wait… Did I get blind after the incident? Or is this hell?” Lynn couldn’t help but ask himself.

However, he didn’t have to think for long as he saw a tiny light within the darkness as his corporeal body was sucked into it!

When he opened his eyes this time, he noticed that he can already see again!

He wanted to celebrate such a miracle happening to him but he realized that he wasn’t in the hospital!

He’s currently on the floor lying on a red carpet and his hands seem to be holding an empty glass!

“Ugh… What’s going on?” Lynn struggled to sit up as he groaned in pain. He realized that his body was still aching for some reason.

“How long did I pass out?”

He furrowed his brows as he looked around the room…

He seems to be in a luxurious bedroom similar to some expensive suite that he always sees on TV.

There is a queen-size bed a couple of steps from him and a table beside him… The carpet was also a bit wet and he’s sure that it wasn’t his pee since it didn’t smell.

It’s most likely the content of the empty glass on his hands.

He immediately tried to stand up with the support of a nearby chair as placed the glass on the table…

Incidentally, there is a mirror on the wall near the table and he finally saw his face!

“What in the world?!”

Lynn could no longer calm down as he looked away from the mirror. He didn’t know whether he’s in a nightmare or hallucinating…

If he’s dreaming, he could only wish to be woken up by someone as quickly as possible. If he’s hallucinating, he probably needs to rest as he’s seeing such an undesirable thing!

“Oh my god… What’s happening to me?” Lynn was confused and he wanted to take a rest… However, he first slowly looked at the mirror again only to be dismayed…

“Why do I look like that bastard? Ugh!”

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