Chapter 3 - Find

‘Montemayor’s Subdivision? Then I’m not that far…’ Lynn heaved a sigh of relief.

This subdivision is still within Vermont City but almost at its edges. Just three miles or about 3-minute drive and he’ll reach Wynter City in the north.

On the other hand, Xavier’s Paramount Restaurant is somewhere in the central part of the city…

Lynn prayed silently as he doesn’t really know what to do aside from meeting his girlfriend first. His real body’s current situation is unknown and he’s even possessing the body of his girlfriend’s perverted suitor.

“Boss, is everything alright? I already refilled the compartment.” Max suddenly said as soon as he finished praying.

Lynn was obviously confused but he noticed that in front of him, or behind the driver’s seat, was an opened compartment.

He took a glance inside as felt his blood going up!

He saw several packets of white powder and instinctively, Lynn closed the compartment as quickly as possible.

‘What in the world?’

Lynn didn’t have to get a closer look to realize what it was. He’s now nervous…

What if they discovered that he wasn’t Arial? What if they found out that somebody else is possessing their master’s body?

‘I can’t act too suspicious… At least, I’ll have to pretend until I fully understand my possession… I can do this!’ Lynn comforted himself.

As a sculptor, his patience can be said to be at its peak. He knows clearly well that each of his decision must be made with utmost considerations.

After thinking for a while, he replied to Max.

“I’m good… I’m just worried about something. Anyway, you know where we are going?”

“Yes, boss… That restaurant you recently bought? The manager there is really a beauty… Thank you for letting me score on her, boss… I’ll serve you until my last breath! If you ordered me to go east, I will never go west!”

Max proudly proclaimed. His face is even asking to be praised like a puppy.

‘Eeww…’ Lynn immediately thought…

Though this bald Max looks rough, he seemed to be quite an open person.

‘Wait… That manager?’

Lynn recalled that the manager was indeed beauty in her thirties… He managed to speak with her when he made a reservation and spoke about his plans to propose to her girlfriend. She remembered her being excited about it and was really helpful.

She even made a discount for him which saved him a lot of money…

‘To think that this Max got lucky on her… Money is truly an incredible thing.  Lynn mused for a moment.

He didn’t think too much of it since he felt that it wouldn’t be long and he’ll leave this body anyway… This is what he believed.

There’s no way that he would stay here forever, right?

Lynn and Shannon are already 24 years old and turning 25 this year. They were still young and he still has a lot of plans for their future… There’s no way that it would just end like this!

“Boss, we’re almost there… It seems that there was an accident a while on the other side of the road. Luckily, they made a path for us…”


“Yes… It’s said here that it was at the first intersection at Shawn Avenue…”


Lynn took a deep breath after hearing this. He more or less has an idea about this accident he was talking about.

He then looked at Max to find out where he got his information only to see that he’s checking the internet with his tablet. It seems that he turned on the car’s autopilot.

Lynn didn’t make a comment about it and instead tried looking for news online as well.

He opened his social media app and immediately found information about the incident. Apparently, the culprit was caught after fleeing for almost half an hour.

During his escape, he almost killed an innocent person after ramming into someone using a stolen truck. Aside from this, many were injured when he crashed his car but surprisingly, no one died… As for the truck driver that he shot, it wasn’t fatal and the latter managed to survive after being brought to the hospital.

Finally, the culprit was still alive while the one who was hit by the truck was brought to another hospital and his life and death were still unknown! This unlucky person must be him!

Lynn was speechless after seeing the news and posts on social media.

Though the identity of the person that was on fifty-fifty was still concealed, there was no way he would make a mistake after reading several descriptions of the incident from the observer’s point of view.

‘Whatever… I’ll deal with this one at a time.’ Lynn said in his mind.

A few more minutes had passed and he finally arrived in front of the restaurant…

He wanted to immediately leave the car but he noticed that the door was locked.

‘Should I ask Max to open it? Or is it a custom that Max would open it for me?’

Lynn quickly thought but before he could tell Max, the man already unlocked the car’s door and opened the door for him.

It is such a weird arrangement from his point of view but this is probably Arial’s instructions so he has accepted it for now. He can’t be bothered to change Max’s method at the moment.

As Lynn just came out of the car, he suddenly noticed Shannon coming out of the restaurant…

She’s wearing an elegant purple dress that accentuates perfectly to her sexy figure. She has black and straight hair which reveals a thin and tense face.

She was full of worry as she held her phone in her ears. It seems like she was talking to someone as she waited for a taxi…

Lynn wanted to run and call her but he suddenly noticed that she started crying!

It felt like his heart was being squeezed…He was stunned and unable to move!

“I have to be with her!”

He immediately made up his mind but he was still too late. She already hailed a taxi and could only watch her leave.

“Max! Follow that blue taxi!”

Lynn immediately ordered and the driver who seemed to be excited to meet the manager was stunned.

However, since it was the order of his boss, he didn’t dare to refuse and just answered with a yes.

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