Chapter 4 - Acceptance

Lynn nervously watched the disappearing taxi…

“Can you be a bit faster?”

“Don’t worry, boss… I’m good at this. They would never shake me off.”

Max replied with confidence. Though the road is congested, he knows this city like the back of his hand.

He didn’t have to monitor the taxi all the time to know where it is going.

After several minutes, he finally realized where the taxi is going.

“Boss, it seems to be going to the Saint Jaden Hospital…” Max suddenly said while Lynn was still thinking of how he should explain himself to Shannon.

“Saint Jaden? Ahh! That makes sense!”

Most likely, Shannon already discovered that his body was caught in an accident!

‘I hope that I just fell into a coma.’ Lynn prayed silently. He’s still not giving up after all of this. Who knows, his prayers might be answered he might be able to return to his body.

Soon, their car stopped in front of the hospital. He already saw Shannon enter so he no longer hesitated and followed.

“Stay here, Max… Wait for my return.” Lynn said.

Max didn’t seem to like how he would leave his boss alone in a public place but he still agreed and stayed in the car.

“Don’t worry, boss… I’ll stay here and lookout. I won’t let any harm come to you. You can trust me!”

Lynn heard as he left the car. He no longer bothered to reply and found Shannon talking to one of the nurses before she was pointed in a certain direction.

‘More than an hour already passed since the accident… Hmm… If I’m in a coma, was my body sent into a private room already? Or I’m still going into an operation?’ Lynn thought for a moment.

However, he realized that as he followed Shannon, they weren’t going to the ward or even the private rooms… They are going to a morgue!


Lynn started having a quickened breath as he could no longer contain his emotions… This is just too much!

“Noo! Lynn! You can’t leave me! Why did this happen?! Lynn… Lynn…”

Shannon started crying as soon as she saw her boyfriend’s body inside a cadaver bag. On the other hand, Lynn started to realize the severity of his situation.

He’s dead.

To be specific, his body was already dead…

This realization hit him hard as he had even forgotten to approach Shannon. His heart started beating faster as everything started sinking in.

He could no longer live the same way!

He could hear her cry but his mind went blank as he noticed his gruesome body behind and hugged by Shannon.

“Lynn!” Shannon cried out again pulling Lynn from his dark thoughts.

‘You really love me…’ Lynn helplessly smiled at his situation.

His body was definitely deformed but his girlfriend didn’t care. He even got scared of his own body but she’s completely different. She could recognize him even after being rammed by a truck and her feelings remained unchanged.


Lynn was helpless seeing Shannon devastated after seeing his unmoving body…

“Would it be alright to disturb her now? Will it cause more heartache to her?” Lynn had various thoughts in his mind but still, he gritted his teeth and made a decision.

Lynn no longer hesitated as he started approaching Shannon. He wanted to tell her that he is still alive in a different body. He doesn’t care whether she would doubt him and think of him as a desperate and crazy suitor… He would just have to use his memories and tell him their private stories to regain her trust.

Aside from that, he has nothing more he could do to prove himself as Lynn.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

Shannon heard his footsteps as she slowly tried to control her emotions.

“Shannon…” Lynn’s words trailed using Arial’s voice…

It seems that the lady recognized her suitor’s voice so she didn’t even bother to look at him.

“Stay. Away. From Me…” Shannon said slowly as she emphasized each of her words.

“Shan, it’s me---"

Ring! Ring! Ring!

At this time, his phone started ringing which interrupted him and it even annoyed Shannon as she glared at him hatefully…

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him to appreciate her beauty.


Her small face covered with tears was still so attractive… Unfortunately, she was no longer looking at him with loving eyes…

Arial sighed as he looked at the phone. It’s Max calling him…

He decided to answer him in the meantime while he’s thinking. He’s hoping that Shannon would calm down for a bit.

[ Boss! Dominic’s men are here! We have to immediately leave. There are five of them and everyone’s armed. I can’t deal with them here in the hospital. Use the backdoor to leave. I already contacted Harvey and he’s coming to support us! ]

“Dominic’s men?”

‘Who the heck are they?’ Arial wanted to scream but hearing that they are armed and seemed to be after Arial’s life, he immediately realized that he has to move far away from Shannon… He can’t let her suffer!’

“I’m going out now…” Lynn ended the conversation.

Before he left, he looked at Shannon and said a few words…

“Shan, I have something important to say and you may not believe… However, I’m in a hurry… I will be looking for you again---”

“Just. Leave. Now!”

With that words, Lynn could only shut up as he immediately ran away… If the armed men arrived here, they might hurt Shannon and he would never be able to forgive himself if that happened.

“Ugh… This Arial! What kind of trouble did he get into?!”

Lynn felt so frustrated but there’s nothing he could do.

He doesn’t know what would happen to him if he died again!

It would be cool if he managed to possess another body but what if he truly died after this?

What if he possessed a female’s body instead? How could he get together with Shannon? What if it's an old man’s body next? He might not even be able to find her again!

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