Chapter 6 - Traces

Lynn realized that all he knew about Arial was superficial. He barely knows anything about what kind of life he was living and what kind of troubles he’s facing.

‘Tsk… If you have this many problems, why are you even chasing my girlfriend for a long time?’

Lynn couldn’t help but scold Arial in his mind. Nevertheless, he finally relaxed for a bit since he knows Shannon was safe and he’s also about to be in his safe house.

He’s still frustrated about the fact that he didn’t manage to spend some more time with her but it couldn’t be helped with the current situation.

He’s technically dead and just living inside another person’s body. He still doesn’t even understand what the heck is going on.

‘Wait… Now that I think about it, what happened to Arial’s soul? Is it still sleeping inside this body after I took over? Or did we actually swapped and he died instead of me?’ Lynn mused as he relaxed his head on his seat.

There was no one whom he could ask about this so it’s quite frustrating for Lynn…

‘There’s also a possibility that Arial actually died and my soul managed to take an opportunity to take over.’

Lynn recalled the wine glass and the wet carpet in Arial’s room when he woke up… He watched many detective or police stories where a corpse would be lying down on a carpet holding a glass where the poison came from…

‘Is it similar to that?’

The probability is high considering how he woke up face down on the floor and holding that glass…

However, Lynn felt a chill after thinking of it… After all, if that is truly the case, it only means that someone poisoned him inside his house in Montemayor’s Subdivision!

‘Is it some kind of expert assassin of someone actually betrayed Arial within that house?!’

Lynn looked at the people beside him…

However, he felt that these people, who saved him from the hospital,  are very trustworthy. After all, he should’ve been killed and left alone on that site if they really have other intentions.

‘Ugh… Whatever, I have to find a safe place first then visit that place later… Haa~ About that butler, is he trustworthy?’

Cyril mused… He mentioned to the old man not to allow anyone to get close to his room. It would be a problem if any pieces of evidence about “his” poisoning were removed after all.

However, if the butler is the bad guy in the first place, then that would be a serious problem.

‘But the possibility of that shouldn’t be high. If he’s closely working with Arial, that butler would have plenty of chances to kill Arial. He also doesn’t seem to be surprised that Arial is alive when we first met…’

Lynn concluded as he decided to trust the butler for now. Once everything has calmed down for a bit, he would return to the subdivision and investigate that room with all his best.

“Boss… We’re here. It’s been a while but we’ve kept this place safe.”

“Really… That’s good.”

“Of course! You allowed us to stay here and live a luxurious life after all… The casino at the basement was also a really good pastime activity…”

Harvey reported as they entered a large building. Arial owns a couple of residential units in this skyscraper. Aside from him and his elite bodyguards, no one knows about this place, as per Harvey’s introduction.

Soon, they entered one of his units.

Lynn glanced around the place but made sure not to look too ignorant. Unlike the previous house where there was a red carpet everywhere, this place looks simple but elegant.

Lynn even started wondering what Arial truly likes. After all, this guy is just too random!

‘Ugh… I can finally have some rest, right?’

Lynn entered the master’s bedroom without any issues while several guards started loitering around. He was actually impressed by his 6 bodyguards here. Aside from Harvey who’s wearing a tuxedo, all the others are wearing casual clothes and they seem to fit in the ambiance of the building.

In short, their disguise looks really well so he can probably ensure that no one had realized that the son of a multibillionaire is living here.

They might consider him a rich person considering that he’s living here but definitely not from the high and mighty Lachman Clan.

‘Tsk… I can’t rest yet… I need to know more about Arial as much as I can…’

With this in mind, Arial decided to browse Arial’s phone messages, call logs, and browsing history.

Though it is good to ask questions to some trustworthy people, it’s better to find answers using all his means first.

If he really couldn’t do it anymore, then that would be the time he’ll consult someone else.

“Hmm… Right, the butler mentioned something about Clarice!”

Lynn quickly search his phone and quickly found several call logs from Clarice Grant…

“Clarice Grant? As in from the Grant Holdings?” Lynn froze for a moment since he heard that name before.

Considering Arial’s status in the business world, it is highly likely.

Anyway, he had a good impression of Grant Holdings. During a charity event his piece of marble sculpture named “The Age of Crypt Crawlers” was auctioned off for 500,000 dollars and the buyer is none other than Grant Holdings.

“Well, I might be wrong…” Lynn thought as he continued checking the text messages.

However, most of the messages were just confirming the date and time, asking whether it is alright to be called, asking where is this or that guy…

There are no romantic messages just like Lynn thought.

“So why would you meet with her at night? Am I missing something again? Ugh… I hate this.” Lynn started talking to himself as he couldn’t find an answer.

Nevertheless, he also noticed several names on Arial’s phone and made sure to remember them.

He read many conversations that don’t make sense right now and some conversations that gave him little information… They might be useless at the moment but as he lived with this body he might realize that they were actually quite useful…

Lynn lied down on the bed comfortably as he continued checking Arial’s phone…

As he started yawning, he realized that he should take a rest already.

‘Let’s sleep for now… Hmm… I wonder, will I wake up in this body again? Ugh… Whatever…’

With these last thoughts, Lynn finally fell asleep.

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