Chapter 2: Healing? I'll take that!

The darkness was ever-looming as Xolvion floated in the infinity of nothingness.

"Where am I?.. He thought, feeling his body float weightlessly in the abyss.

"Am I dead?" He thought.

"Is this the afterlife?"

Suddenly a bright light burst forth and the next thing he knew he was sitting upright on a table, panting hard and covered in sweat.

"I'm alive... I'm alive!" He shouted as he felt all over his body, feeling as good as new.

"You're alright, thank goodness." A voice said from behind him.

Xolvion turned around to see a female elf standing with a smile on her face. She was tall with long blond hair, blue eyes and pointy ears that gave her lineage away.

Xolvion also noticed her large breasts and tight waist hidden beneath her clothing, with a pretty skirt that fell down to her knees.

"Did you save me?" He asked, remembering what had happened.

"Yes, I found you in the ally outside. I was able to get you in here and heal your wounds." She said with a smile.

Xolvion couldn't believe it, he was sure that half of his bones had been broken, with a couple of organs being ruptured too.

"But how?" He asked.

"I am a healer blessed with the power of divine healing magic." She said as she explained.

"Please if you would." She said as she took a sharp knife.

Xolvion looked a little nervous as she cut his arm with it.

"Hey what the!" He shouted as she drew blood.

"Please watch." She said as she held her hands over it and started to chant.

"Heal!" She then said letting her magic do its work, healing Xolvion's arm as if nothing had happened.

"Wow... That's amazing." He said with his mouth wide open.

"Thank you." The elf said with a smile.

Xolvion looked down as he leaned back on his hands, noticing he had no clothes on and only a sheet was covering his lower half.

"Did you take my clothes off?" He asked.

"Y-yes... They were covered in blood and I needed to make sure you were fully healed." The elf said a little embarrassed.

"I'm sure I have some spares in the back that will fit you though." She then said as she went off to find them.

Xolvion took a good look around before she came back, noticing that no one else was here and that the door was locked.

"So, may you tell me your name?" He asked smiling at her.

The elf also smiled as she placed the clothing down onto the chair next to them.

"Oh yes, silly me. My name is Phelorna. What is yours?"

Xolvion smiled as he locked his eyes with her own.

"I'm Xolvion, it's a pleasure to meet you, Phelorna." He said locking his eyes with hers.

Phelorna found herself staring into them more and more as he smiled at her.

"I wonder if this power will work on elves too?" He thought as he activated his charm ability.

"Only one way to find out." He then said in his head as he slowly took Phelorna's hand.

"Please allow me to thank you for saving my life, Phelorna," Xolvion said as he pulled her in closer to him, activating his charm.

Phelorna was taken back by his sudden boldness but she was powerless to resist his charm ability and quickly gave in to her lust.

Xolvion kissed her, pulling her closer to him as he ripped her blouse open, exposing her large breasts and getting a moan from Phelorna.

Xolvion kissed his way down to her chest where he started to suck her nipples, licking and flicking them with his tongue each time causing Phelorna to moan louder.

Xolvion let his other hand wander down towards her legs and up her skirt slowly, before he reached his prize.

Letting his fingers run up and down her underwear before he pulled them to the side and touched her bare skin.

Phelorna moaned as he sucked her nipples and ran his hand over her smooth flower, seeing that she was already wet.

Xolvion could already feel her knowledge and experience flowing into him as he tasted her milk, that was leaking from her breasts.

He pulled his fingers from her legs and placed them in his mouth, getting the full flavour of her fruits as well as gaining even more of her power.

Xolvion didn't stop there as he ran his hand back down, this time letting two of his fingers slide inside, moving them up and down over and over again, causing Phelorna to scream in pleasure and almost double over due to her knees becoming weak.

"I need more..." Xolvion said to himself as he felt it.

"I need more." He said again, feeling as if it was an incomplete puzzle inside of his mind, the only way to complete it was to taste her more.

Xolvion hopped off of the table, forcing her to bend over it as he pushed her down, standing behind her.

Phelorna gasped as her cheeks turned bright red, knowing what was next.

Xolvion kicked her legs open with his foot before he lifted her skirt, slapping her on her perfectly round bottom, getting a small scream from her.

Licking his lips, he took ahold of his rock hard beast and rubbed his tips against her entrance slowly, allowing her to get a feel for it.

Phelorna moaned and reached under her legs, taking him in her hand before she slides it inside for him, not being able to wait anymore.

Xolvion thrust it inside slowly, letting his pelvis hit her round cheeks, clapping them over and over again as he thrust harder and faster.

Phelorna moaned louder and louder as she gripped the end of the table, digging her nails into the wood unable to contain herself.

Xolvion could feel her power and abilities flowing Into him as he thrust harder into her, filling her all the way up with his cock.

Phelorna's eyes were wide with lust, her mouth was open and her tongue hanging out as she begged for more and more, screaming for him to fill her up.

"Harder! Yes, harder! Fuck me harder and make me yours!" She yelled at the top of her voice before she clenched her body as she rowed the intense orgasms that continued to drive her mind wild.

Xolvion could feel all of her power and abilities flowing into him now as if the puzzle was finally complete before he too was ready to finish.

"Here I cum!" He shouted as Phelorna screamed in pleasure.

"YYYEEESSSS!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as he filled her insides up with his essence, gripping her round cheeks so hard that his hands left a mark. Finally, he let go and she dropped onto the table having nothing left.

Xolvion slowly pulled out of her and watched as Phelorna slowly lowered to the floor, using the table to hold her head up while she breathed heavily.

Xolvion smiled as he looked at his handy work, however, once again he knew if he carried on, she would too be lost to her own lust.

"So even elves aren't strong enough to resist my incubus powers." Xolvion thought.

Xolvion spotted the new clothes she had gotten for him and while Phelorna was still shaking on the floor he got dressed.

"I thank you for saving my life, and thank you for the abilities." He said softly as he clicked his fingers next to her ear, causing her to pass out and fall asleep.

"It beat you forget this happened, sweet Phelorna." He said before he let himself out, closing the door behind him as he processes the new information that was flowing through his brain. Not only had he gained the ability to heal, but he had also learned how to make potions. Along with all the common knowledge that Phelorna had already.

Xolvion spotted a sharp piece of glass on the ground and picked it up.

"Time to put it to the test." He then said as he slit his wrist, cutting deep into his arm.

Xolvion placed his free hand over the wound and said the words.


His magic suddenly burst to life and the wound on his arm closed up, disappearing as if it was never there.

"Wow... Well, that's OP as hell." He said with a smile.

From what Xolvion could gather, he could steal the knowledge and abilities of anyone he came into contact with as long as he got some sort of bodily fluid from them. The only question now was what was the limit to that.

"I guess there is only one way to find out." Xolvion then said as he pocketed the glass and walked through the alley into the busy street.

Xolvion now wore black boots, a green pair of trousers and a clean black shirt with a V-neck held by lace, exposing part of his upper chest.

He felt fresh and full of life thanks to his new healing ability, truly a gift from the heavens. Xolvion walked around the corner of the road onto the market street.

The place was rightly named as it was full of stalls and traders, all trying to sell and flog anything they could get their hands on.

They had pretty much everything, from spices and exotic foods,  potions, weapons and even slaves. Nothing seemed out of reach unless you had no money...

Xolvion walked the market and exclaimed the goods, along with the people who were selling them. Nothing seemed to catch his eye, not that he could afford anything right now anyway.

Xolvion took note of who seemed rough and who seemed reasonable. Noting in his mind for when he decided to do business here, after all, making and selling potions could be a very profitable business, that he already knew.

Suddenly a lady caught Xolvion's eye as she turned on her heels, as she wandered through the market alone.

She was a beautiful lady, red hair that was held up in a perfect bun, petite and holding herself proper with excellent posture as she walked with her head held high.

Xolvion followed her from afar, keeping an eye on her movements as she made her way from stall to stall.

She wore a large dark red fur coat that seemed to hide everything but her curves underneath, and her ankles, piquing Xolvion's interest.

He waited and watched, making sure not to draw any attention to himself until she finally left the busy street.

She was smart though, making sure to never be out of sight, always sticking to the main streets where she could be seen. Xolvion was only interested in testing his abilities. But he had to say he felt like more of a stalker as he followed her. A little time had passed now and he was about to give up, just when she made a fatal error due to a blocked road, giving him a chance.

"Perfect." He thought as he followed her into the alley, keeping a safe distance away until his timing was right.

"Now." He thought as he watched her turn into another quiet street, deciding to take another shortcut.

Xolvion turned the corner and just in the nick of time ducked under a small bat that almost took his head off.

"Wow!" He said as he quickly jumped back avoiding another strike.

"Who are you, stalker!" The woman shouted as she took another swing at him.

"Somebody help me!" She screamed again as she swings the bat at him.

Xolvion grabbed the bat this time being able to see it, as he stepped in close and stopped her swing in its tracks.

"Charm." He said as he looked into her eyes, quickly casting his magic on her to calm her down.

The lady became lost in his eyes as her body and mind settled, suddenly feeling at ease.

"Now that wasn't very nice." He said as he slowly took the weapon out of her hand, smiling at her.

"I don't have much time, so just a quick test." He thought taking a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear.

"This will only hurt for a moment," Xolvion said as he pulled her in, kissing her using his tongue.

The woman almost melted from his touch before he cut her arm with the glass he had in his pocket, getting a small flinch from her.

Xolvion could already feel her experience forming in his mind from simply kissing her, but again it felt like an incomplete puzzle.

This time Xolvion placed his lips around the small cut on her arm and licked the blood, testing to see how far his power extended.

To his surprise, it worked, and his mind was filled with more knowledge and experience of the woman.

"It is working... What else, what else will do it?" Xolvion thought as he pushed her against the wall, opening her coat so he could touch her.

He had to say though, he was very surprised when it revealed she had only her lace underwear and stockings on.

"My oh my, Jessica..." Xolvion said, getting her to blush before he lowered to his knees, lifting one of her legs over his head.

Xolvion started to lick her down there, pulling her knickers out of the way with his teeth so he could get to the sweet nectar.

Jessica, the lady whom Xolvion was currently licking in the alley, moaned as she grabbed his hair, pulling his head towards her before she started to rub herself on his face as she started to become lost in her own lust.

Xolvion could feel her experience flowing into him as he tasted her more and more until finally, she couldn't hold it any longer.

"I-I'm cumming!!!" She screamed with pleasure.

Xolvion could feel all of her power and knowledge flow into him now as he drank it all in, letting her essence fill him until he had gained everything he needed.

Xolvion slowly stood up while Jessica leaned back against the wall panting.

"Thank you for letting me test that," Xolvion said as he brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face.

"Time to forget." He then said as he clicked his fingers, releasing his spell on her.

Jessica closed her eyes slowly, blinking a few times before she realised where she was.

"W-what am I doing here?" She thought as she took a look around.

Xolvion was already long gone once she had come to her senses, hiding around the corner as he watched her walk off in a hurry.

Once she was gone he looked at his hands and them into the sky.

"I still have some testing to do, but I understand the gist of it. This is getting more and more interesting." He then said with a fierce smile formed on his face.

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