Chapter 3: Testing my power!

A few days had gone by for Xolvion now. After the whole thing in the ally with the lovely lady Jessica, he had spent the time testing his abilities and simply putting them to use.

During his time spent researching he had concluded that he could absorb the power, skills, memory, abilities and pretty much anything else from a person, so long as he ingested their bodily fluids. He had discovered that the fluids could be anything as long as they contained the person's DNA.

Meaning, saliva, blood, sweat, tears, sexual fluids and even piss would all do the job. However, sex was by far the fastest and most efficient way to get to job done. It was also the most enjoyable way. Xolvion thought as he looked down to see the woman who was currently rocking her head back and forth, sucking his hard rod while he sat on a stool.

"The best way by far." He said as he gripped her blond pigtails, using them like handlebars as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth again and again until he was ready to explode. 

"Arggh!" He moaned, almost growling as he pulled her head down, forcing himself to the back of her throat, unleashing all of his cum into her.

The girl tried her best to swallow it before she pulled back to get a breath of air almost choking. She opened her hands and let it slowly dribble out of her mouth watching as his sticky white essence pooled in her hands.

"Be a good girl and drink all of that would you," Xolvion said as he sat with his legs open, resting his chin on his fist while he looked at the naked girl in front of him.

"Yes, master..." She said as she started to drink all of it, sucking and slurping it up, even licking her fingers dry of it as she couldn't get enough.

"That's a good girl." 

Sometime later...

Xolvion found himself walking back down one of the busy side streets as his thought ran wild inside his mind.

"With this power, I could really do it." He thought, not paying attention to where he was going.

"I could really absorb everything from all of the strongest warriors the humans have to offer. Using their power as my own to take back my birthright and teach my bastard siblings a lesson!" He thought looking up into the sky.

"That settles it." He whispered to himself. 

"I know what must be done." He said out loud again.

"I will travel throughout the human kingdoms and seduce all twelve of the holy saints! They are the strongest female warriors in all of the world, their combined power even rivalling fathers..." Xolvion said as he clenched his fist.

As he absorbed more and more power and knowledge from the human girls he seduced, he had learnt much about the human kingdoms and their people. Including the Holy saints, who were a righteous group of female knights. They were the strongest female warriors and mages in the land, having no equal and serving no men as they only swore their loyalty to the queens of the kingdoms. 

"If I can seduce them all and gain their powers, I would become undefeatable! No one would dare question my right to rule!" Xolvion then thought as a sinister grin formed on his face.

"But first I should slowly acquire more and more power before I leave this city. Of course, I must be careful I don't bring any unwanted attention to myself." Xolvion thought as he crossed the road and cut through an alley.

"Well look who it is lads!" A gruff voice said all of a sudden.

Xolvion couldn't help recognise the voice and looked up, snapping out of his deep thoughts to see the men who had beaten him to near death the other day.

"Fuck me, he's still alive!" Another of them said not believing it.

"I've got a bone to pick with you, Ya little shit!" The bald one with three teeth shouted before he ran at Xolvion, raising his fist to punch him with all of his might. 

Xolvion smiled before he caught the mans punch in the palm of his hand. Surprising all of them by doing so.

"Not this time," Xolvion said with a wicked grin, having powered up a lot since the last time they had met.

"What in the!" The bald man said in shock before Xolvion pulled his own fist back, slamming it into the man's face knocking the rest of his teeth out as he hit the deck.

"Get him, lads!" The other one shouted again, expecting to rush him with numbers and beat him like the last time.

Xolvion had absorbed the strength of at least ten girls since his stay here, meaning he was now as strong as all of them combined. Making the poor men he was fighting against no match for him. 

Xolvion stepped to the side and roundhouse kicked the first one that ran at him in the stomach.

The man dropped to his knees and started to vomit all over the floor from the force of Xolvion's kick.

"Why you!" Another shouted as he grabbed Xolvion by his collar, attempting to throw him to the ground.

Xolvion gripped the man's wrists and squeezed as hard as he could, getting a scream from the man as he cried out in pain.

"Sorry about this!" Xolvion said just before he head-butted the man, hitting him right in the nose, causing it to burst.

Blood splattered all over the place and covered Xolvion's face and the new shirt he had acquired from one of his victim's husbands.

Xolvion looked down at his blood-stained shirt and then back to the man who was squirming around on the floor as he held his face.

"I just got this." He said as he licked the side of his lip, tasting some of the man's blood.

Xolvion could feel a small boost of power enter his mind as he swallowed the blood.

"So it works on men too... I much prefer the taste of women though." He thought as he turned to the last of them.

"What the hell are you! You weren't this strong last time!" He shouted.

"Hmm, you're right," Xolvion said as he walked over towards him.

"Stay back!" The man shouted as he pulled a large knife from his trousers.

"Oohh. That's a big knife." Xolvion said as he looked at it.

"You prick! I'll gut you like a pig!" The man shouted as he charged at Xolvion, driving the knife right into his belly.

Xolvion smiled and let the man stab him, feeling the cold metal enter his body and the burning sensation that followed after.

"That wasn't very nice," Xolvion said slowly as he looked the man in his eyes.

"Y-Y-Your not human!' The man yelled as he stepped back in fear letting go of the knife as he did.

"Hmmm," Xolvion said as he looked down at the knife and then back to the man.

"You don't mind if I take this out do you, I think I'm losing a rather large amount of blood." He said before he pulled the knife out, biting through the pain.

"Fuck that hurt." He said as he stumbled backwards.

Xovlion lowered his knife hand to his side, placing his free hand over the wound as he said the words.


He said, letting the power he had gained from the elf wash over his body, healing himself in an instant.

"Much better," Xolvion said as he stood up to his full height. 

The man fell down to his backside, scurrying back as he cowered away from Xolvion.

"P-Please! Don't hurt me!" He shouted as he curled up into a ball.

"I'm sorry!"

"Don't worry, I won't kill you if that's what you mean," Xolvion said as he smiled. Getting the man to scream as he walked over to him with the knife.

Some more time later...

Xolvion was now wandering about in some of the tattered clothing he had taken from one of the men he just beat up. Not that he wanted to wear it, but it was better than walking around town with blood all over his last shirt.

Xolvion had taken any money they had as compensation anyway, something they were happy to give him once he had healed them and beaten them again, getting his revenge. 

He had also found out that he could steal the powers of not only females but males too, he had tasted two of the men's blood just to be sure. However, the taste was awful, nothing like that of a woman's blood.

He guessed it was because he was an Incubus and not a Succubus. But he didn't swing that way anyhow and was happy to stick to stealing woman's powers.

Still, if he encountered any seriously strong foes that had a powerful ability, he wouldn't be against killing them to drink their blood to get the job done.

"Listen to me, I sound just like a vampire." He thought, laughing as he did.

"I guess we Incubuses are not so different from vampires though." He then thought.

"Still, I don't recall ever hearing of any who could gain the powers and experience of those they targeted. I thought they did it to steal their life force and stay young, at least that was what mother told me before she was killed." He said to himself as he continued to walk the streets of the city. 

"Perhaps father's great demon blood mixed with my mother's succubus blood must have mutated into whatever this power is." He then said, stopping as he had reached his destination and opening the door.

"Ring ring." The bell above the inside of the door chimed, signalling someone had entered the shop.

"Welcome to bards tailors! What can I help you with today?" A lovely young girl with small perky breasts said as she came over to greet him.

Xolvion looked the girl up and down, licking his lips before he spoke. 

"What can you help me with indeed," Xolvion said, letting his charm cast before he locked the door behind him, giving her a seductive smile. 

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