Chapter 9: The ball and the wolf!

The day of the duke's ball to celebrate his daughters 18th birthday had come. Everyone who was anyone inside of the city had been invited, and the preparations had all been made, with no expense spared. 

Xolvion had managed to secure himself a ticket, posing as the son of a noble who he had discovered was out of town.

Xolvion had managed to steal his ticket and his identity after seeing a picture of him, something he would use so his face didn't become wanted.

His transmutation ability when combined with his healing skill was incredibly OP. Even allowing him to change peoples memories implanting false ones or wiping them altogether.

He had used it on the nobles family he would be impersonating, making them forget what day the ball was on, missing the party so they didn't get in his way.

Xolvion had changed his appearance and dressed in the correct formal wear, after all, he needed to look the part if he was going to blend in.

The night

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